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Eggnogg : Moments in Vacuum

Their pension for varied songwriting is the crux of Eggnogg’s overall appeal.

What a record. Eggnogg are a young Stoner band out of New York playing a sludgy, nasty blend of Doom, desert Rock, and even Grunge. With a massive fuzzy sound and a great singer these guys have really impressed me with an album full of varied and catchy songs. The addition of samples from old movies also adds a lot to the atmosphere to the band. Eggnogg aren’t the type of band to play the same exact style throughout an album, and as a result different songs invoke different feelings and remind the listener of different bands or probable influences.

My personal favorite track on the 'Moments in Vacuum' is the opener “Magog” which begins with a cryptic sample from an old sci fi movie and rushes into churning Stoner Doom reminiscent of early Electric Wizard. The bass sound on this particular track is so thoroughly fuzzed out that it sounds almost like noise. The use of reverb on the vocals really captures a spaced out though bad ass vibe. The voice in general is quite varied, moving between a softer droning tone and a raspier yell. Around the halfway point the sound degenerates into a long instrumental section as many Eggnogg songs do, adding a psychedelic jamming aura.

Just when you think Eggnogg sounds like Electric Wizard the second tune “Raking in Dough” completely changes your impression of the band. Sounding more akin to Queens of the Stone Age or their precursors Kyuss, but fuzzier, this particular cut is the catchiest on the album. Similarly it runs into a long stretch of instrumental jamming, a part of the bands trademark. “Wheel of the Year” is a bit slower but follows in the desert rock vein. The vocals are very dynamic and remind me a bit of the singer from Goatsnake.

“One Monster’s Confession” is a bit of an odd ball track but is also the heaviest, a two minute churning Sludge song with some of the gnarliest fuzzy tones I have personally heard in quite some time.

The album rounds out with three softer songs, and this is the reason some have mentioned Alice in Chains in the same breath as Eggnogg; this is particularly true for the sixth song “Cydonia”. Personally I feel the inclusion of ballads was a good decision, because an album as long as 74 minutes does benefit from a good dose of variety, and besides they are done well. The album closes with the very long “Rhythmic Past,” beginning in ballad territory and eventually breaking back down into that fuzzy stoner doom they are best known for.

Their pension for varied songwriting is really the crux of Eggnogg’s overall appeal. Without breaking too much ground they have successfully incorporated some of the best of their peers into one long fuzzed out work. Add great riffs, tone, and a passionate vocalist to the mix and in my opinion you have a winner. I know I’ll be listening to this a good amount this year. If you like Stoner Doom or Stoner Rock I would highly recommend these guys.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Magog
2. Racking in Dough
3. Wheel of the Year
4. Nebuchadnezzar
5. One Monster’s Confession
6. Cydonia
7. Moments in Vacuum
8. Rhythmic Past

Duration : Approx. 74 minutes.

Visit the Eggnogg bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-10-14 by Justin A. Mank
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