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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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This Croatian three-piece played a kind of depressed traditional doom metal. On one hand the music can be compared to the über-slow oldschool loudness of bands ...
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2018-07-22 : Aesthetic Death August release schedule

Aesthetic Death Records announce a suitably diverse batch of August 2018 releases, comprising:
Woebegone Obscured - 'The Forestroamer': the third full-length from the Danish extreme Doom outfit
Esoteric - 'The Pernicious Enigma': a digibook CD version of the recently remastered 1997 album
Nagaarum - 'Apples': the latest album from the Hungarian Black/Ambient/Doom project
Pando - 'Hiraeth': an Experimental/Noise debut from the USA
Although they may not all be unequivocal Doom releases, we're happy to draw them all to your attention for interest's sake!

From the press releases:
"Woebegone Obscured - 'The Forestroamer'

'The Forestroamer' is Woebegone Obscured's most accomplished and refined work to date, it is a massive Doom album, yet it dexterously meanders amidst eclectic influences, through monolithic Doom, Black Metal, Death Metal, Ambient, Prog and Rock. Weaving these together seamlessly with their unique and sublime artistry. Melancholic, melodic, progressive, intense and intricate.
Available as a limited edition CD digipack."

"Esoteric - 'The Pernicious Enigma'

'The Pernicious Enigma' is one of the most important albums in the Esoteric discography. It can be considered as a pivotal and landmark release in doom metal - pushing boundaries and parameters not previously witnessed. A convergence of the establishing Esoteric sound, along with a Bohemian and unconventional lifestyle during this period. Months together writing, creating, indulging to create something special.
Esoteric were not satisfied with the mising of the album in 1997, even after two attempts, due to the sound engineer not being on the same wavelength as the band and limitations of the original studio. With the recent release of the vinyl version Greg Chandler was able to re-mix and re-master the album himself at Priory Recording Studios to create the sound that had been originally envisaged during the recording sessions.
Re-mixed, re-mastered and re-issued in 24 page digibook - the ultimate version to give this classic album the justice it deserves."

"Nagaarum - 'Apples'

Nagaarum's 17th album is entitled 'Apples' - and sees Nagaarum's many diverse style alloyed in a copper cauldron, alongside a pinch of spirituality from the ancient age of science.
All the instruments and male vocals come from one individual who remains the driving force behind Nagaarum. In the new album Ambient, Post Rock, Doom and Black Metal Elements are used and formed together to create something progressive and beautiful.
Available as a limited edition CD digipack."

"Pando - 'Hiraeth'

Pando are an anonymous entity seeping out of Western Massachussets, USA. The possess a delectable ability for the refined and eclectic merger between rhythmical nothingness, sculptured samples and contained noise.
As Pando themselves re-iterate: sonically, 'Hiraeth' contains various field recordings, experiments, samples, and sound manipulations including a collection of photographs, conversations, and artwork gathered by Pando throughout the years and digitally rendered into raw audio data in the form of noise.
Available as a limited edition CD digipack."

More information on Facebook.
CD copies at the Aesthetic Death webstore.
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