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Comrade Aleks caught up with Poema Arcanvs drummer Luis Moya to find out about the rumoured new album and the band's current plans.

Interview with Poema Arcanvs.
"Five years ago, shortly after the release of the band's fifth album 'Transient Chronicles', Doom-metal.com contributor Dominik Sonders provided a full-length interview with Poema Arcanvs' guitarist Igor Leiva. Thus, I believe that our constant readers will know the general story of this Chilean Death Doom outfit which combines truly poetic images with depressive tunes, noble clean vocals and harsh growls. Poema Arcanvs started out under the name Garbage in 1992, yet after 26 years of bringing sorrow and despair they still have a fire inside and it's time to learn a few facts about the forthcoming new album. We offer you a slightly diferrent look at Poema Arcanvs' essence, through the eyes of the band's drummer Luis Moya."

Talking to Aleks today: Poema Arcanvs drummer Luis Moya.

Hello Luis! What's happening in the band camp? It's known that you're working on a new album: what is your progress?

Hello! Right now, we are finishing the mix of our new album, just about to enter the final step, which is the mastering. Igor (guitar) @Atomic Noise Studio is doing that work since the last two albums but the drums were recorded at Studio Tierra for acoustic and technical reasons as usual. We are also about to begin working with the album art with Enzo Toledo once again, but most important, doing a lot of rehearsal with our new long-waited bass player Juan Díaz.

There are five full-length albums in your discography, and they show Poema Arcanvs has steadily developed its style - what new things did you prepare for the new material?

Well, there is nothing prepared in advance, never was that way really. We don't think about how the album is going to be, we just get in the rehearsal room and work hard as usual, sharing ideas and trying to create good songs. The making of a new album implies a stage in the life of the band, the album itself is just a picture of that moment in time and when you get over that stage, you are then prepared for a new one. Right now we have a more "in your face" kind of sound so to speak, no keyboards at all in this album so it's just like a power trio if you will (besides Claudio's voice of course), so we have more interesting things to accomplish when composing to have a full bodied sound.

Full line-up: Igor Leiva (guitars), Juan Díaz (bass), Luis Moya (drums) and Claudio Carrasco (vocals).

So, a power-trio besides Claudio… Do you have a new member in the band? The last Poema Arcanvs line-up I know included just him, you and Igor Leiva Benavides.

Yes, Juan Díaz has joined the band in late January 2018, just a couple of months ago and as I told you before we are rehearsing quite a lot; old songs, new songs in order to get ready soon enough to perform a couple of local shows before a bigger tour, hopefully. So, this is the current lineup:
Claudio Carrasco - Vocals
Igor Leiva - Guitar
Juan Díaz - Bass
Luis Moya - Drums
Something worth enough to mention, since we didn't have a bass player, Igor recorded all the bass guitars for the last album during the second half of 2017.

How far did you go on this new record compared to the debut 'Arcane XIII'?

Aracane XIII had a different lineup back then, but despite of that the band has a unique sound and every album sounds like us, hopefully. Maybe we went that far with other albums but we know that Arcane XIII is a classic one. To me it's more like growing up as composers than anything else, in a way the songs now are more organic in general and more complicated in other unusual aspects that are important for us nowadays. Sort of going one-step forward but with another approach.

Okay, Luis, then how would you compare the new album with the previous 'Transient Chronicles'?

Transient Chronicles was like a natural progression of our previous album (Timeline Symmetry) but with a different bass player of course and a lot more collaboration from all members, but both of them have a similar vibe going on, sort of a very deep sorrow mood. This new album is somewhat different in a sense that it is more aggressive or maybe more straight forward I should say, focusing more on the right pace for each song.

Poema Arcanvs - 'Omniscient Opponent':

How do you see the Poema Arcanvs core elements that you keep from album to album?

Working hard trying to do songs that make sense, maybe that's why we took some time between albums. We do a lot of work recording the rehearsals and arranging songs, and then we try to play the best for the song focusing on interpretation. We think that way we can be better musicians, trying to overplay our instruments has never been our goal.

And music-wise?

Bringing the ideas to the rehearsal room and build from that all together, sometimes a couple of riffs, or maybe just a short sequence of a song with some basic parts. With that core basis we begin to try things out, listen to them, then make some changes over that, etc. until we are satisfied with the arrangements.

Poema Arcanvs albums usually have a proper one-hour duration, what about the new one? By the way, what's its working title?

The album is called "Stardust Solitude", it has eight songs and it's just about an hour long. These are the tracks:
Stardust Solitude
The Lighthouse Keeper
Straits of Devotion
Kingdom of Ruins

The band's name points to its "poetic", artistic nature. What inspires you when you write the lyrics? What are their leading motives?

Well, I'm not the right one to answer that question but it has to do with certain elements that surround us, moments and circumstances in life that get you inspired by, or maybe things that move you on and challenge your existence. All of that expressed in a deep dark arcane poetry.

Your latest full-length record, 'Transient Chronicles', was released in 2012: what has the band been doing since then?

Many things happened, where to begin… Claudio (vocals) had to move to the south of Chile because of work and our bass player at that moment (Pablo Tapia) moved to Germany to continue his career studies after touring with that album. Igor and I were still working at the rehearsal room trying to figure out how to continue until a former member (Juan Pablo Vallejos) took the bass again with us. We began to build the foundation of this very last album but more things happened and we had to let him go for personal reasons. Once again, we were trying to find a bass player but in the meantime we never stopped working and we continued to arrange the songs, even got the inspiration to write a new one.

The band celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017, how did you mark this date?

That actually was in 2012, because the band was really founded in 1992. It was a very special night and we played a very long setlist with some special guests and former members playing with us. Our friends of Mar de Grises and Nuclear took the stage too at the beginning of the celebration, and of course, the crowd was unforgettable.

Poema Arcanvs - 'Desintegración':

Poema Arcanvs was formed in 1997, but before that the band actually existed under the names Garbage and Garbage Breed. What can you tell about this obscure period?

I wasn't a member at that time since I joined Poema Arcanvs in the year 2000 for the second album Iconoclast. However, as I told you before, the band actually was founded in 1992 but really making some serious noise around 1995. It all began with Igor and Claudio at school with the hope of making extreme music so the brutal era took place and Garbage was born, since there was another band called the same, they changed the name to Garbage Breed. Some demos and EPs were recorded around that time and eventually some slower and melodic stuff was appearing between the fastest songs. I guess the band began to feel more comfortable with this new kind of slower, dark, melodic sound but the name Garbage Breed did not fit just right. Hence, the new era took place with the name of Poema Arcanvs and with a more definite sound and style.

What are the band's highlights from your point of view? Does it have the recognition it deserves, at least in Chile?

I guess we do care so much about the music itself and therefore rehearse a lot so that at the end we think that we have developed some kind of our own sound, I mean, we can play any other song from any other band and still sound like us. There are plenty of bands and crowds in Chile, different styles, but at the end, if they don't like it at least they have respect for it. We are very happy to have some hardcore fans that are committed to our music and we are very thankful to be able to play all over the country with that recognition.

Is there a chance that Poema Arcanvs will play Europe in the near future? Your colleagues King Heavy have played in the Old World and I know bands from Brazil and Peru who've toured there as well. So what about you?

We did tour in Europe back in 2012 for the Transient Chronicles album; we played at "Dutch Doom Days" and "Doom Over Vienna" festivals besides many other dates in Germany, Poland, etc. We are striving to get this album done as soon as possible and looking forward to get back to Europe for a killer tour to show this new forthcoming album and also some old stuff of course.

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Interviewed on 2018-04-02 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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