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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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2021-07-02 : Interview with Lament Christ
Peru isn't really noted for its profusion of Doom bands, but there are some to be found - and Lament Christ, with their foundation in the early '90s, have been flying that flag for a long time now. Comrade Aleks talks with founder Juan Carlos Sotelo about the long trip to their debut full-length of this year.
2021-07-02 : Interview with Olórin
Illinois-based band Olórin take a Trad/Epic approach to interpreting the works of Tolkien, and after a dozen years of that have finally released their debut full-length, 'Through Shadow and Flame'. Founder Michael Schmidt talks Comrade Aleks through that long journey into the myths of LOTR and the Silmarillion...
2021-07-01 : Interview with Abysskvlt
Russian Funeral Doom band Abysskvlt continue to expand their interest in ritualistic Tibetan themes with 2021's album 'Phur G.Yang'. Here, Comrade Aleks explores the background and drive behind that progress...
2021-06-29 : Interview with Towards Atlantis Lights
Towards Atlantis Lights, the collaboration between members of Pantheist, Void Of Silence and Aphonic Threnody, have returned with sophomore album 'When The Ashes Devoured The Sun'. Comrade Aleks wanted to know more, and Kostas and Ivan were happy to oblige...
2021-06-29 : Interview with Cross Vault
Having grown from a duo to five-piece line-up over several years, German Doom band Cross Vault are back with a new album, composed by guitarist G., who is also handling all of the interviews over it. So, Comrade Aleks had to ask him about 'As Strangers We Depart'.
2021-06-29 : Interview with Bretus
After more than 20 years in the business, Italian Doomsters Bretus have just released their fifth album, 'Magharia'. Comrade Aleks seized the opportunity to renew his acquaintance with the band, through this interview with vocalist Zagarus.
2021-06-27 : Interview with Ligeia Wept
Australian band Ligeia Wept took their time over getting to debut release 'A Funeral Of Innocence' last year, but it proved to be a lush slab of Gothic/Doom when it arrived. I spoke at length to band founder Alister Haskell and guest vocalist Emily Highfield about the long and winding path to its genesis...
2021-05-10 : Interview with Clouds
Lockdown hasn't been too unkind to Clouds, in some senses, thanks to a series of re-releases, and a new album underway.Comrade Aleks talks here to founder Daniel Neagoe (sadly, just before the announcement that he will be resurrecting Eye Of Solitude to finance urgent back surgery) about Clouds and more...
2021-05-10 : Interview with Mortajas
A new Chilean trio, formed during the pandemic by veterans of various Doom bands and inspired by Warning, Mortajas produced their debut album this year, to a most un-doomy timescale. Comrade Aleks needed to find out more, with the help of bassist Daniel.
2021-04-26 : Interview with L' Impero Delle Ombre
It's been several years, and little obvious news, since Comrade Aleks last spoke with L'Impero delle Ombre, but the Italian Dark Sound doomsters are back with their third album, 'Racconti macabri Vol. III', and vocalist John Goldfinch was happy to discuss it.
2021-04-25 : Interview with Servants to the Tide
With Servants to the Tide's debut full-length just recently released, Comrade Aleks goes in search of band founder Leonid Rubinstein to discover how this new German Epic Doom outfit came into being.
2021-04-25 : Interview with Thronehammer
Thronehammer have returned with a new album, 'Incantation Rites', and an expanded line-up. Vocalist Kat Shevil Gillham talks to Comrade Aleks about the changes and challenges for the UK/German Trad Doom collective.
2021-04-25 : Interview with Train To Elsewhere
Moscow-based band Train To Elsewhere follow more of a Trad/Folk path than many Russian Doom bands, citing a wide variety of influences. Comrade Aleks chats with guitarist Maria K. about all of these, and their recently-released album 'Samhain'.
2021-04-20 : Interview with Estrangement
After some years of delay - the debut album was originally being "teasered" as coming in late 2018 - and some fairly significant changes along the way, Australian Baroque Funeral Doom band ESTRANGEMENT are getting ever closer to their goal. We caught up with main man JS for an in-depth discussion on musical progress in the post-Covid world...
2021-02-08 : Interview with Scarlet Peace
Old-school Brazilian Death/Doom band Scarlet Peace have a somewhat complicated history, but following the 2018 release of their sophomore full-length, Comrade Aleks enlisted founder member Paulo to make sense of it.

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