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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Riding the line betwen Funeral and slow Death/Doom aesthetics, Austrian solo project Selenite throw some Hindu/Buddhist philosophical and ritual elements...
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When No Trails
    With this release, Russia's Amber Tears add to their catalogue of long, melancholic Death/Doom works.
    The latest release from UK's Elephant Tree offers a mature, polished and comparatively safe slab of Stoner Doom.

Carnal Confessions
    The debut full-length from German Epic Doomsters Fvneral Fvkk is a magnificently emotive piece of work.
    Dublin band Death The Leveller offer a good, solid debut Death/Doom full-length that needs a few listens to sink in.

    Belarusian Funeral band Reido's third full-length is full of depth, both sonically and thematically.
    The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
    The third solo release by Abysmal Grief's Regen Graves is a fine deep, bleak, and disturbing Dark Ambient work.
    Sinister Downfall deliver Funeral Doom in it's natural state - slow, depressing and emotionally crushing.
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2020-05-29 : New Godes Yrre album out now
'Das Nichts' released digitally
2020-05-28 : New Astral Sleep album out now on vinyl
Third full-length 'Astral Doom Musick' released by Saarni Records
2020-05-28 : Lacrima Mortis debut album released
'Posthumous' out now on Talheim Records
2020-05-24 : Ea's debut 'Ea Taesse' reissue on vinyl
Solitude Productions announce preorders now available, including a limited one-off run of unique 'splatter' copies
2020-05-06 : Introducing Self Hypnosis
Self Hypnosis is a new collaboration of Kris Clayton (Camel of Doom/Esoteric), Greg Chandler (Esoteric/Lychgate) and Tom Vallely (Lychgate/Macabre Omen/Omega Centuri)
2020-04-21 : on Wikipedia's nice to be famous :) !
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2020-06-01 : Interview with Khazad-dm
Epic, mysterious, and unexpectedly heavy and dark, the Tolkein-inspired Funeral Doom of Khazad-dm drew Comrade Aleks to investigate further...
2020-06-01 : Interview with Misty Grey
Comrade Aleks renews his acquaintance with Spanish Doomsters Misty Grey, after they swapped their vocalist from female to male, in the hopes of discovering a new album is on the way.
2020-05-19 : Interview with Self Hypnosis
As Self Hypnosis are finally able to reveal their presence for the first time, this lengthy live chat with co-founder Kris Clayton should tell you all you need to know about this new band, with roots in veteran outfits Camel Of Doom and Esoteric.
2020-05-19 : Interview with Unholy Outlaw
After 20 years of existence, Brazilian Doom band Unholy Outlaw released their debut full-length in December 2019. Comrade Aleks went in search of guitarist Gustavo to find out more of the band's history.
2020-05-19 : Interview with Sons Of Ghidorah
The veteran New York crew of Sons Of Ghidorah came together under that Godzilla-inspired moniker in 2014. Vocalist Mark talks to Comrade Aleks, just as the band release their sophomore album.
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2020-06-01 : Khazad-dm (Funeral Doom)
2020-06-01 : Elephant Tree (Stoner/Doom)
2020-05-19 : Volkmort (Death/Doom)
2020-05-19 : El Abismo (Traditional Doom)
2020-05-19 : Sons Of Ghidorah (Stoner/Doom)
2020-05-19 : Unholy Outlaw (Traditional Doom)
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