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Megaton Leviathan's sophomore layers varied instrumentation and effects into a minimalistic yet tasteful concoction.
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Seen by most Doom fans as the originators of Doom-metal and universally hailed as the main creators of the entire heavy metal genre. They originally started out...
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Unheard Prayer
    Amederia's derivative retreading of Gothic/Doom standards does not reach inspiring heights.
 cdimgIn Memories
    I Miss My Death have made a decent job of presenting their intricate Symphonic/Gothic blueprint.

Medusa Truth Part 1
    Omit have changed. But the whims of evolution do not always make sense.
 cdimgSands Of Time
    Restless Oblivion show that there is still room for some individual character in an increasingly resolved genre.

Replacing God (EP)
    Hell Muñeco's second EP has too many distracting flaws overlaying a decent foundation.
 cdimgDoom Core (EP)
    A solid and respectable outing for Hell Muñeco on their debut EP.

To Take Up The Cross
    Latitude Egress's debut is devoid of any weaknesses as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear.
 cdimgOf Things Seen And Unseen
    Serpent Venom's latest full-length is a Trad Doom breath of fresh air.
cdimgQvi Nobis Maledictum Velit
    Both an unexpected surprise and a wicked delight: Filii Eliae's "rough diamond" debut.
 cdimgThis Shameful Burden
    Death/Doom with plenty of added eclecticism marks Altars Of Grief's worthy debut.

All latest reviews:

2015-01-26 : Amederia Unheard Prayer (Dante Duvall, 4/10)
2015-01-26 : I Miss My Death In Memories (Dante Duvall, 7/10)
2015-01-26 : Omit Medusa Truth Part 1 (Dominik Sonders, 6/10)
2015-01-26 : Restless Oblivion Sands Of Time (Mark Rzeszutek, 6.5/10)
2015-01-26 : Hell Muñeco Replacing God (EP) (Dani Alisée, 5.5/10)
2015-01-26 : Hell Muñeco Doom Core (EP) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-01-16 : Latitude Egress To Take Up The Cross (Chaim Drishner, 9/10)
2015-01-16 : Serpent Venom Of Things Seen And Unseen (Chaim Drishner, 8/10)
2015-01-16 : Filii Eliae Qvi Nobis Maledictum Velit (Mark Rzeszutek, 7/10)
2015-01-16 : Altars Of Grief This Shameful Burden (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2015-01-16 : Mourning Pyre Mourning Pyre (EP) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-01-16 : Process of Guilt Rorcal/Process Of Guilt (Split) (Matt Halsey, 9/10)
2015-01-16 : Rorcal Rorcal/Process Of Guilt (Split) (Matt Halsey, 9/10)
2015-01-03 : Torrens Conscientium All Alone With The Thoughts (Matt Halsey, 6/10)
2015-01-03 : Mekigah Litost (Chaim Drishner, 9/10)
2014-12-30 : Hooded Menace Gloom Immemorial (Mark Rzeszutek, 7/10)
2014-12-23 : Megaton Leviathan Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell (Trishay J Trada, 7/10)
2014-12-21 : Sick's Agony Towards My Places (Kunal Choksi, 7/10)
2014-12-21 : My Shameful Hollow (Mark Rzeszutek, 6.5/10)
2014-12-21 : Vacant Eyes The Dim Light Of Introversion (EP) (Dante Duvall, 6.5/10)
2014-12-21 : Gévaudan Message For The Damned (EP) (Mike Liassides, 6.5/10)
2014-12-16 : Without God Circus Of Freaks (Matt Halsey, 8/10)
2014-12-16 : Presumption From Judgement To The Grave (EP) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2014-12-11 : Atriarch An Unending Pathway (Chadwick Crawford, 8.5/10)
2014-12-10 : Sluagh Unwanted And Worthless (Mark Rzeszutek, 6/10)
2014-12-07 : Aphonic Threnody When Death Comes (Matt Halsey, 9/10)
2014-12-07 : Ennoea Proarkhe (Madness, 8/10)
2014-11-29 : Forever Autumn Patience Of ðm Fire-Keeper (Mike Liassides, 9/10)
2014-11-29 : Aeonsgate Pentalpha (Chaim Drishner, 8/10)
2014-11-29 : Mage Last Orders (Chaim Drishner, 7/10)
2014-11-23 : A Day In Venice A Day In Venice (Mike Liassides, 9/10)
2014-11-22 : Sundecay Bodies At The Frontier (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2014-11-22 : Frown The Greatest Gift To Give (Steve Bidmead, 7/10)
2014-11-22 : Frown Songs Of Praise (Demo) (Steve Bidmead, 7/10)
2014-11-20 : Lacrima A Story From Limbo (Chaim Drishner, 9/10)
2014-11-20 : Abysmal Growls Of Despair Abyss (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2014-11-20 : Autumnal The End Of The Third Day (Dante Duvall, 9/10)
2014-11-20 : Quercus Sfumato (Trishay J Trada, 10/10)
2014-11-15 : Monarch Sabbracadaver (Laurent Lignon, 9/10)
2014-11-14 : Barabbas (France) Messe Pour Un Chien (Laurent Lignon, 8.5/10)

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