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Mesmur's debut is a truly excellent record that should be part of any Funeral/Death Doom lover's collection.
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137 (pronounced One Thirty-Seven) has a lot of different things influencing their sludge style. Amongst the most important are the stonerish Bl...
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Perditus Et Dea
    Whispering Woods' sophomore straddles the Symphonic/Gothic Metal and Gothic/Doom borders very nicely.
    This third release might be considered THE definitive Arcana Coelestia album.

Grey Mist
    Misty Grey's debut is everything that a Traditional Doom album could hope to be.
 cdimgSadhus The Smoking Community
    Short and to the point, but with a definitely appealing character: the debut from Sadhus (The Smoking Community).

Catacomb Records Proudly Presents: The Sound of the Catacombs
    This compilation allows 17 of the heaviest stoner bands to strut their stuff, the warranted amount of doom is of course included.
 cdimgHomegrown Doom EP
    Witch Mountain back in 2000 may be young, relatively speaking, but the music on this demo is as if contemporary to the oldschool doomsters of the 70's.

Aural Holograms Vol. I
    Three tracks of Funeral Ambient by an assorted collaboration of Finnish artists.
 cdimgDeathscape MMXIV (EP)
    Woebegone Obscured's long EP provides an interesting mix of original songs and cover versions.
cdimgVol. I - Wolf Counsel
    Stripped-down, ready for action and all set to kick out the jams: Wolf Counsel's debut.
    The Slow Death's latest release is an incredibly powerful, emotional, and intense album that needs your full attention.

All latest reviews:

2015-03-23 : Whispering Woods Perditus Et Dea (Kris Clayton, 8.5/10)
2015-03-22 : Arcana Coelestia Nomas (Matt Halsey, 8.5/10)
2015-03-20 : Misty Grey Grey Mist (Chadwick Crawford, 8.5/10)
2015-03-17 : Sadhus (The Smoking Community) Sadhus The Smoking Community (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-03-17 : Various Artists Catacomb Records Proudly Presents: The Sound of the Catacombs (Arnstein H. Pettersen)
2015-03-17 : Witch Mountain Homegrown Doom EP (Arnstein H. Pettersen, 10/10)
2015-03-17 : Aural Holograms Aural Holograms Vol. I (Arnstein H. Pettersen)
2015-03-15 : Woebegone Obscured Deathscape MMXIV (EP) (Kris Clayton, 7.5/10)
2015-03-15 : Wolf Counsel Vol. I - Wolf Counsel (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-03-13 : The Slow Death Ark (Dante Duvall, 9.5/10)
2015-03-08 : Norilsk The Idea Of North (Mike Liassides, 9/10)
2015-03-07 : Grief He's No Good to Me Dead (Split with Bongzilla, Negative Reaction, Sourvein and Subsanity) (Arnstein H. Pettersen, 7/10)
2015-03-07 : Assumption The Three Appearances (Kris Clayton, 8.5/10)
2015-03-04 : Frowning Funeral Impressions (Trishay J Trada, 7/10)
2015-03-01 : Maestus Voir Dire (Dante Duvall, 8/10)
2015-03-01 : Lucian the Wolfbearer At The Gates Of Twilight (Dante Duvall, 6/10)
2015-03-01 : 0xist One Eon (Kris Clayton, 7/10)
2015-03-01 : Lying Figures A World Of My Own (EP) (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-03-01 : Lord Vigo Under Carpathian Sun EP (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2015-03-01 : Mudbath Corrado Zeller (Matt Halsey, 7/10)
2015-02-19 : Mountain God Forest Of The Lost (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2015-02-19 : Hypnochron Herbs For The Alter (Kris Clayton, 6/10)
2015-02-15 : Atten Ash The Hourglass (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-02-15 : Usnea Random Cosmic Violence (Dante Duvall, 8/10)
2015-02-08 : Mesmur Mesmur (Kris Clayton, 9/10)
2015-02-08 : Et Moriemur Ex Nihilo In Nihilum (Dani Alisée, 8.5/10)
2015-02-07 : Gallileous Voodoom Protonauts (Kris Clayton, 7.5/10)
2015-02-04 : Beneath The Storm Evil Reflection (Trishay J Trada, 8/10)
2015-02-04 : Lotus Ash The Word Of God (Matt Halsey, 8/10)
2015-02-01 : Transiency Abominations Of Civilization (EP) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-02-01 : Doomentor Demo 2014 (Dani Alisée, 7.5/10)
2015-01-29 : L'Ira Del Baccano Terra 42 (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2015-01-29 : Septic Mind Раб (Dominik Sonders, 8/10)
2015-01-29 : Lachrimatory Transient (Dominik Sonders, 9/10)
2015-01-29 : Atten Ash Lycanthia/Atten Ash (Split 7") (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-01-29 : Lycanthia Lycanthia/Atten Ash (Split 7") (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-01-26 : Amederia Unheard Prayer (Dante Duvall, 4/10)
2015-01-26 : I Miss My Death In Memories (Dante Duvall, 7/10)
2015-01-26 : Omit Medusa Truth Part 1 (Dominik Sonders, 6/10)
2015-01-26 : Restless Oblivion Sands Of Time (Mark Rzeszutek, 6.5/10)

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