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Melodic Death/Doom metal act from Brazil with hints towards Gothic-metal. Their music is mostly mid tempo and filled with atmospheric elements such as violins a...
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My Dying Bride : As the Flower Withers

This is the first full-length album of this band with a very tragic name which appeared out of nothing, playing an unique kind of mystical, doomy death metal. My Dying Bride's debut displays a strange mixture of obscure, mysterious, brutal death metal and very heavy and slow doom metal. All this is served with a low-fi and underground production.

The use of a violin sets their music completely apart from other dark metal bands of the time around the release of this album. The violin doesn't refer to classical or folk music; it plays some contrasting melodies simultaneously with the guitar riffs. Vocalist Aaron has a very tasteful death grunt which complements the mysterious atmosphere and elegance of the band.

Long-winded, unpredictable epics like 'The Bitterness and the Bereavement' and 'The Return of the Beautiful', in which the violin steals the show, are alternated with in-your-face death metal storms like 'The Forever People' and 'Vast Choirs'. The pounding drum intro and following build up of 'Sear Me' is still one of the most typical and impressive moments in the 'Bride's history.

Aaron't lyrics are very poetic and original and deal with some kind of abstract, dark romanticism. The Latin words in the first track 'Sear Me' add an extra dimension of mystery and elegance to the band's music. Even the artwork of this album bathes in mystery and unconventionality.

The 'Bride was destined to become the ultimate band to refer to in the doom death genre. This debut album contains some of the best material this band offers in their glorious history. If you can listen through the raw and underground production and if you appreciate doomy death metal, then it is a cardinal sin if you still don't own this album.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Silent Dance
2. Sear Me
3. The Forever People
4. The Bitterness and the Bereavement
5. Vast Choirs
6. The Return of the Beautiful
7. Erotic Literature

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the My Dying Bride bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
Forever Autumn
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