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MÜL : Litany Circus

Both the word "litany" in the album name, and the name of the track 'Litanus' come from the Latin word "litania", which means prayer. The word circus is usually associated by us in the modern era, as a ring full of clowns and other artists. In reality the word circus is Latin as well and means "ring shaped line". The title would mean something like "a ring of prayers". I'm unsure what the name means in context with the music, but the name alone reminds me of pagan stuff. However the name of the last track might give some clue. 'Tsakel' is a Mayan word which after much research, I'm still unsure what means. I think means "participation". If so then that would be a participation in a ring of prayers perhaps?

MÜL has once again changed its face but without sounding very different. This time Knut Farstad creates a very Esoteric like sound with powerful and heavy chords. The death/doom influence is perhaps stronger than ever, but almost equally strong is the funeral doom element. Despite the heavy sound, the music remains depressive throughout just about every millisecond.

There is one track that stands out and that is 'Cinis' (which is Latin for "ashes"). It is actually an ambient piece played on guitar. It has a distinct progressive aura over it. But even if this does not take your fancy, the track only lasts 2 minutes so it should not matter.

I believe that this demo is much more accessible than the earlier MÜL releases. I think that just about everyone who likes Esoteric and depressive funeral doom would like this as well. Even if you didn't like the earlier works, you should still give this one a chance. It's free for download after all. You can find it here: http://morsknorsk.mine.nu:666/~mul.

[edit by author: The download website has moved here.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Litanus
2. Cinis
3. Dreaming Of The Black Tomorrow
4. Tsakel

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the MÜL bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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