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MÜL : Human Vindice

This demo was once hosted for free along with all the other demos on a page made by MÜL. Sadly the guy who hosted the demos took the site down for some reason. And since the demo was released as mp3 only, it's quite obvious that it can be really hard to get hold of. The only place to find the tracks nowadays is on p2p filesharing programs. Hopefully the network of doomsters will keep 'Human Vindice' alive so that all doomsters can continue to enjoy this. [edit by author: Knut has re-hosted all the demos here.]

MÜL is a one man project by Knut Farstad, a doom metal devotee from Bergen, Norway. On this particular demo he had some bass and synth help from Vidar Engeseth on the two bonus tracks.

The sound of MÜL is clearly influenced by Winter style doom/death riffing. These riffs have had several layers of fuzz added to them and create a buzzing vibe which is far more common in drone/doom bands. It also creates a thick wall of sound which 5ive/5ive's Continuum Research Project has made themselves known for. Hence I guess that the demo can be counted as a mixture of the two doom genres. In either case this is loud, heavy and noisy doom metal in a niche of its own.

Some of the tracks are not always doom metal though. The last three tracks are either completely darkwave/neoclassical or at least have long sections of it. This includes the sound of a piano and a slightly haunting synth.

Despite being a mostly instrumental project, there are some occasional growled vocals which follow the slow pace of the music. Because of this, the lyrics don't make much difference to the demo. Instead the vocals act as an instrument in itself.

As mentioned earlier, it's probably really hard to get hold of this demo nowadays. Still, if you can get hold of it in any way and you like noisy drone or raw doom/death, then you should really give this a try. But let it be known that these dirges can hardly be called mainstream music.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Separate Propositions
2. Thought Cube
3. Grint Slime
4. Under Mud
5. The Central Meaning
6. Planet Of Deceit
7. Dump [bonus track]
8. The Needles [bonus track 2]

Duration : Approx. 70 minutes

Visit the MÜL bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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