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Various Artists : Nativity in Black - A tribute to Black Sabbath

I'm not really sure if this should be called a 'tribute' as most of the tracks on this compilation are horrible in my opinion and don't do credit to Black Sabbath's genius at all. Most bands simply play a track without adding anything and those that do give their own twist to it seem to screw up the song.

The album starts out with Biohazard covering 'After Forever' and I must say, although I don't like Biohazard at all, they have a refreshing view and this is one of the few songs I do like. White Zombie is next and simply butcher 'Children of the Grave'. Of course I believe that this song is holy and it can not be tampered with by anybody, so I am biased. Megadeth cover 'Paranoid' in a slightly enteraining way but not to a level that it impresses me. 1,000 Homo Dj's (with Al Jourgensen of Ministry) with 'Supernaut': I'm not even going to waste any words on this (kiddies might pick up on a few too many swear words here). Ozzy' and Therapy? cover 'Iron Man' and of course nothing bad about Ozzy' but this cover is only half a cover because of him and as such not that interesting.

I am skipping Corrosion of Conformity ('Lord of this World'), Sepultura ('Symptom of the Universe'), Ugly Kid Joe ('N.I.B.') and Bullring Brummies ('The Wizard'). All right covers but they don't add anything valuable to the songs. Bruce Dickinson with Godspeed covering 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' is worth it, because (or should that be only?) of Bruce' singing 'Sabbath. The man has a brilliant voice so that is always a pleasure to hear.

Now who allowed Faith No More with 'War Pigs' (live version) on this album? I have nothing against this band but they seem to compete with 1,000 Home Dj's for the cup for worst and least respectful cover ever. Type O Negative is allowed to close the album with 'Black Sabbath' and just when I had given up hope surprise me with a very interesting cover. They don't mindlessly play the song like Black Sabbath and also don't destroy the song as such creating a very dark and haunting version. So I guess I'll forgive them for calling Black Sabbath a goth band in the booklet.

The best however is saved for last. Cathedral with 'Solitude' is the real closer of this album in the shape of a bonus track. Perhaps they don't add too much to the song but it's well done and it still baffles me why a cover of a band like Cathedral was only put on as a bonus track.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 'After Forever'
White Zombie:
2. 'Childeren of the Grave'
3. 'Paranoid'
1,000 Homo DJ's:
4. 'Supernaut'
Ozzy' w/Therapy?:
5. 'Iron Man'
Corrosion of Conformity:
6. 'Lord of this World'
7. 'Symptom of the Universe'
Bullring Brummies:
8. 'The Wizard'
Bruce Dickingson w/Godspeed:
9. 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'
Ugly Kid Joe:
10. 'N.I.B.'
Faith No More:
11. 'War Pigs' (live)
Type O Negative:
12. 'Black Sabbath'
13. 'Solitude' [bonus track]

Duration : Approx. 72 minutes

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Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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