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Sifr play a blackened style of doom metal with occasinal outbursts of speed. The music is remeniscent of mid-period Katatonia....
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Various Artists : Heaviosity

In a way this more a stoner metal compilation than it is a stoner/doom one. This is because only half of the bands can be classified as having any stoner/doom influences while all of the bands can be classified under the general term stoner metal/rock. For the sake of simplicity I'll just split them into two groups: "Real" stoner/doom (Centrifuge, Core Of The Earth, Mothertrucker, Obiat, Salt Of The Earth and Whores Of Tijuana) and stoner metal/rock (Agnosis, Anti Climax, Color Of Darkness, Ditchliquor, Drift, Iron Hearse, Outburst, Palace In Thunderland, Sada and Suns Of Thunder). Note that not all of these bands belong in the category I've put them here, on a regular basis. As a prime example Agnosis is on our bandlist, listed as a traditional doom band, whereas they play stoner metal on this release.

For me the most impressive band on the CD is the first one out, Obiat. It's a really awesome 11 minute-long, heavy stoner/doom track. At least, I'd call it a sure-fire headbanger. The deep bass also means that you should have decent speakers to get its full effect. It is also the only track on the compilation with an epic sound to it. Core Of The Earth should also be mentioned alongside Obiat as they stand out from the crowd and both bands have a similar feeling.

The rest of the bands vary between presenting relaxed and grooving tracks. Only a few of them can be considered as really heavy in my eyes. There are other people who say that heaviness comes solely from the riff structure. They might view these bands differently than I do and when reading this review that should be taken into account.

I think that generally this compilation would appeal more to fans of stoner rock that fancy the groove rather than the heaviness. Hence I feel the name of the CD is a bit misleading. The name aside, we're still looking at high quality music. The colorful and slightly psychedelic artwork is also quite fitting. The compilation might not be what all stoner/doom fans are looking for, but there is definitely no harm in checking this one out.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 'Stare The Distance'
2. 'Brushhogg'
Iron Hearse:
3. 'Temples Of The Gods'
4. 'On'
Core Of The Earth:
5. 'Ripshine'
Palace In Thunderland:
6. 'Sonic Throne'
Suns Of Thunder:
7. 'Last Of The High Rollers'
8. 'Megalomotherfucker'
9. 'A Kick In The Ribs While You're Down'
10. 'Orange Alert'
11. 'Disbelief'
Color Of Darkness:
12. 'Break Me Down'
Anti Climax:
13. 'Earn Your Spurs'
Whores Of Tijuana:
14. 'Trip Manhattan'
Salt Of The Earth:
15. 'The Purity Of Oblivion'
16. 'Waxing The Shaft'

Duration : Approx. 79 minutes

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Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Forever Autumn
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