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Various Artists : Greg Holtsclaw's Songs of the Dead II : Idle Hands

The inlay of this CD states that the compilation was 7 months late. The reasons mentioned include that Greg Holtsclaw's previous label, Ape Records, became defunct. It took time to get an answer from the interested bands and get artwork, along with some financial and technical problems. In the end, the compilation did get out in an edition of 100 CDr copies and 1000 professionally printed CDs. In other words, it should be fairly possible to track down a copy on the internet.

The main theme here is horror movies and all the tracks have something to do with that, with the exception of The Ultimate Warriors. As Greg Holtsclaw writes in the inlay: "[A]ny comp I ever do will feature a song from them, just to destroy the theme of the comp." I would also claim that two really annoying bands don't really fit in with the horror movie scenario: The Keyboard Masters and John Wiese. The first band is basically a parody on DJ's, and while I do get the joke, the music doesn't fit in. It's so (purposefully?) bad that I have to skip it every time. The John Wiese track also gets skipped as quickly as I can get my hands on the remote control. It's totally misplaced random noise that's played far louder than the rest of the songs. Thus, if you've got your volume up to get a good listen to the other tracks, you'll risk ruining your speakers when this comes on.

There are, however, some very recommendable tracks here. The 29th track, which is by Sloth, is the very reason that I'm reviewing this, but I'll get back to them later. The previously mentioned The Ultimate Warriors have a short but really catchy live punk/core track. Your mind will be playing "I've been fighting, fighting the world" for a long while afterwards. The third band is Racebannon and their track is my personal favourite on this compilation. 'The Rocketship Exploded' is a space-horror influenced core/conga line mixture with a totally insane yelling and mumbling. It's the weirdest track I've heard in a long time, but it also hits all the right spots of rabid madness. Awesome!

The whole compilation mostly contains different kinds of core, punk, noise and crust. Thus, while this is not a sludge/doom compilation, Sloth still fits the bill. Their track seem to be about O.J. Simpson. At least that's how I interpret the lyrics: "OJ did it, so can I, so can I! And I will laugh, and I will laugh!" It's not really about a horror movie, but it's still somewhat horror related in the way that it sort of reminds one of a Friday the 13th movie. Or, maybe that's just me and this has got nothing to do with horror at all. At least it's a quite funny sludgecore track in their classic humping way.

There isn't much here that can be claimed to be even close to doom metal and thus this is not anything I'd recommend to someone looking for doom metal. The whole reason this was reviewed was because it's part of the Sloth discography. However, if you are looking for silly core stuff then I'd reccomend that you take a listen to the three tracks I've mentioned as my favourites. They truly highlight an otherwise dull compilation.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 'Fifteen Mintues To Fairvale'
The Sutek Conspiracy:
2. 'Real People'
3. 'Song About People Who Should Disappear'
Spirit of Versailles:
4. 'The Exorcism of Moon River'
Usurp Synapse:
5. 'Brundle Fly'
I, Robot:
6. 'Etcetera'
7. 'E.G.S.H.N.A.T.S.'
8. 'Big Top Evil'
Last Remaining Pinnacle:
9. 'Untitled'
The Ultimate Warriors:
10. 'Untitled'
To Dream of Autumn:
11. 'Tribute'
Suicide Note:
12. 'Horror Theme Song'
Rep Seki:
13. 'That's What I Call Jujitsu'
Leval Blessing:
14. 'Refiners Fire'
15. '37th Triangle'
The Pervatrons:
16. 'Untitled'
I, Robot:
17. 'Now I Owe You A Favor'
18. 'Keep Off the Tracks'
Facade Burned Black:
19. 'Forty One'
The Keyboard Masters:
20. 'This Is Mhy Left Foot...'
21. 'Urethrea Infection'
Dead Letter Auction:
22. 'Housebroken'
Lick Golden Sky:
23. 'Snufffilmfuckstar'
24. 'The End In The Beginning'
25. 'Six Count'
26. 'The 20th Winter'
27. 'The Rocketship Exploded'
John Wiese:
28. 'Batman Dracula'
29. 'How To Get Away With Murder In A P.C. Society'

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes

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Reviewed on 08-08-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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