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Various Artists : Dutch Doom Day 2002

On the 13th of October a special event took place in the low lands (otherwise known as The Netherlands). The first ever Dutch Doom Day was organised. After the success of the Belgian Doom Party (where no live bands played), their Dutch neighbours could not stand by idly and the call came for a doom event in The Netherlands. Eventually Pim Blankenstein, vocalist of Officium Triste took up the challenge and organised an entire night where all types of Doom bands would play live at his favourite club; De Baroeg.

The evening was a huge success, with even people from foreign countries coming to see the featured bands play. The bands that played that night where: Pantheist (funeral doom), Officium Triste (death/doom), Whispering Forest (Gothic/Doom), Jack Frost (gloom rock), Antimatter (emotional rock) and Thee Plague of Gentlemen (Trad. Doom). A special surprise for everyone was the fact that Officium Triste also took to the stage with Duncan (ex-Anathema and now Antimatter) and Danny (Anathema) to perform the Anathema classic 'Sleepless'.

Officium Triste's guitar player recorded the entire night and now brought a compilation of songs out on CDr. This means that this release hovers in-between bootleg and official release I guess. No official print will be made of it and it's meant to be something for the people who visited the event or otherwise are interested in hearing these bands play live.

The sound quality is surprisingly high. I will admit I did not expect this at all. It's not some bootlegs where you hear the audience more than the music or the volume of the music keeps shifting. The entire recording perfectly captures the live atmosphere also. Making it a true testament to the events that took place.

Every band is featured with two songs, except of course the song Officium Triste did with both guys from Anathema/Antimatter. The order in which the bands appeared has also been kept intact and you do not have any strange breaks in-between the different bands. The music and songs sound just like this was exactly the order in which they where performed. As if each band stood ready to immediately start playing after the previous one (something which for sure not did not happen, esp. Thee Plague of Gentlemen took about half an hour to sound check if I remember correctly!).

Overall this is a great compilation to listen to if you visited the gig and it can be ordered for just 5 Euro from Pim (send an e-mail to: info@officiumtriste.com). I for sure enjoyed it a lot and it gave me some fond memories back to that doom filled evening. Hopefully the next Dutch Doom Day (already being planned) will be even more successful!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 'Lust'
2. 'Envy us'
Officium Triste:
3. 'Pathway of Broken Glass'
4. 'Fading Like a Dying Candle'
Whispering Forrest:
5. 'Dead Inside'
6. '999'
Jack Frost:
7. 'Some you'
8. 'Mother Mary Sleeps With Me'
Officium Triste with Duncan & Danny:
9. 'Sleepless'
10. 'Alternative 4'
11. 'Saviour'
Thee Plague of Gentlemen:
12. 'Motown Misfortune'
13. 'The Ocean Has No Size'

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes

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Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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