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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Non Immemor Mei is a four piece from Moskow that plays a slow, mildly symphonic doom/gothic which borders on funeral doom. Elements from the Peaceville T...
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Various Artists : Obskure Sombre Records Doom Fuzz Compilations 2003

From the lettering above the baphomet on the front cover to the typos on the back insert, 'Obskure Sombre Records Doom Fuzz Compilations [sic] 2003' really lives up to the name. Obscure, that is. The look is endearing, 'cause you know the cool gents behind the label are into it for the love, not the gold. And there's plenty to love on this comp, although not every tune will turn on every listener. But that's how comps go ya know, and the obscure treasures more than make up for it.

The bands on this disc are mostly American and Canadian, as befits a Quebecois label. There are also a few European groups thrown in for good measure. Americans Abdullah, long a personal fave, leave the doom behind in favor of rockin' out with their cocks out. Flood presents the listener with some fuzz doom with a southern flair, while Canadian knuckleheads Goathorn give up some great 80s-inspired epic thrash. Ya gotta love 'em! I've heard a lot about Mister Bones, and it's a treat to finally hear their brand of bellowing southern rawk. Orodruin and Voodoo Shock throw down some top-notch psycheDOOMelic-style trad doom, and the list just goes on..... From garage fuzz punk to stoner-friendly riff rock to sludge to death doom, the fine folks at Obskure Sombre are here to make your next bong session as heavy - and extreme - as possible.

If I didn't mention all the bands it doesn't mean I didn't like 'em, just that I don't have an infinite amount of space. Trust me, there's plenty of tasty tuneage on this sampler, although you may not be into every one of them. No matter, 'cause the price is a bargain on this dude, so take a chance!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 'The Heart Denies'
Bitchin' Camaros:
2. 'Cool Haunt'
3. 'Sally'
4. 'Fate Strikes'
5. 'Catalepsy'
Les Martiens:
6. '2000 WAJC'
Mister Bones:
7. 'Seems Like Yesterday'
Negative Reaction:
8. 'The Tradoshian'
9. 'Le Jour n'Apparait'
10. 'Unspeakable Truth'
September 12:
11. 'Keine Arme, Keine Schokolade'
Voodoo Shock:
12. 'Cordial Vicinity'
While Heaven Wept:
13. 'The Drowning Years'

Duration : Approx. 80 minutes

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Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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