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Genovese label Black Widow Records was founded in 1990 to specialise in heavy Doom/Prog music. It has steadily expanded on a catalogue that primarily includes c...
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Various Artists : Destroysall - A Tribute To Godzilla

"If you want someone, to crush your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? GODZILLA!"

We all know Godzilla, the colossal lizard like monster that has repeatedly run rampage in Tokyo and other cities. It's kind of hard to forget something that huge. In any case, in 2003 it was the 35 year anniversary of the movie Destroy All Monsters, in which Godzilla was obviously the star of the show. In light of this big event Shifty Records gathered together a bunch of their signed bands along with some more Godzilla fans, and created this tribute.

As the good tribute this is, the sound of the music matches the image of Godzilla. In other words; loud and heavy. Sludge/doom bands like Fistula, dot[.] and Rwake dominate the CD, but you will also find stoner, hardcore and the first track of a promising avantgarde sludge/funeral doom band called Mammoth. Despite the genre differences there is one thing that they all have in common. Yep, you guessed it: loud and heavy.

Shifty Records and their assembly of bands have a distinct sound of their own. Though I would hesitate to call it mainstream, I would still claim that this sound is one that is generally well liked. The bands which don't come from Shifty's entourage have much the same sound and fit in nicely.

I am usually not very fond of v/a compilations. But in this case the CD sounds more like an album made from the co-operation of the bands. It feels much more meaningful than normal, not to mention that I'm a fan of Sloth anyway. Despite the fact their track is only a bit doomy, I still would say that this is one of their best ones. In general, if you like the Shifty sound, then you wouldn't want to miss out on this one.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 'In this Dying Moment'
Terminal Lovers:
2. 'Mr. Astronaut Glenn'
3. 'If I were Godzilla'
4. 'Invasion of the Neptune Man'
5. 'Reptilian Tonnage of Gargantuan Enormity'
Space Face:
6. 'Leen Gizzard'
7. 'King Kong is Dead'
8. 'Nonresistance City'
Negative Reaction:
9. 'Godzilla vs. Noo Yawk'
10. 'Smog Monster (Live)'
11. 'Go Jet Jaguar'
Leviathan A.D.:
12. 'By North Star, Gamera'
Third Degree Burnout:
13. 'Anarchy Fell Through'
The Crunky Kids:
14. 'Gojira No Gyakushu'
15. 'Mother Godzilla'

Duration : Approx. 77 minutes

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Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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