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Various Artists : Cry Now, Cry Later -volumes 1 & 2-

This is a CD re-release of two 2x7" compilations pressed back in 1993 and 1995, respectively. While most of this compilation consists of grindcore bands and some hardcore ones, there are some interesting ones too. Mostly this means that they play sludge/doom. Among them are some of the most important sludge/doom bands in the scene: Eyehategod, Grief and 13.

First of the doom bands is 13 with their track 'Writhe'. This track is one of their fastest, allthough that doesn't mean anything but that it's mid-tempo. It is almost as filthy and disgusting as their other tracks, but not quite. On the good side, the aggression in the music has become more active. And as always, the lyrics intend to hit hard and leave marks.

Next one up is 'Methamphetamine' by Eyehategod. It was re-released on their rare tracks compilation 'Preaching The "End-Time" Message'. Unlike most of their tracks, this is pure sludgecore. It's not even as ugly as many of their other songs. It only lasts a minute and a half as well, so if you're only interested in this track, the compilation it was re-released on is a better buy.

Track eleven is 'World Of Hurt' by Grief. This is by far the doomiest track on the compilation. It's slow, loatheful and heavy, not to mention one of the longest tracks. It is everything one wants from a sludge/doom song. It is also the CD's highlight.

16 also presents a doomy piece of sludge. It is mixed 50/50 with a quite rapid pace. It doesn't stand out amongst the masses, but still worth noting anyways.

Those who want something heavy might want to look out for IAbhorHer, an ultra heavy and ultra loud death metal band with strong doomy tendencies. 'Hoofed Locusts' is pissed off and straight into the face. Truly one of the positive sides of the compilation.

The following track, 'Celebration Of Wounds (Greetings From My Gut)', is just as loud and almost as heavy. This time it comes from Cattlepress. It's sludgier, but strongly influenced by death metal as well. It is the longest track on the CD.

Those who like all different kinds of core would probably want this CD. It's a decent representation of the extreme part of this scene. However, most doomsters might find it to have too many up-paced songs. In a doomsters view, because it contains some really important bands, and one of the very few 13 songs ever released, this is more of an essential part of an old-school sludge/doom collection than something you'll listen to every day.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
'Cry Now, Cry Later compilation':
1. 'Loach'
2. 'Writhe'
3. 'S.O.R.'
4. 'Hate, Fear & Power'
5. 'Suck City'
Stapled Shut:
6. 'Lost Thought'
7. 'Smash To Pieces'
8. 'Methamphetamine'
Despise You:
9. 'Aquí Solito (Como Siempre)'
10. 'You Wish You were Me'
      'Orgasm Through Masterbation'
      'Your Nothing'
      'Outro (Abominate)'
11. 'World Of Hurt'
Capitalist Casualties:
12. 'The Roast'

'Cry Now, Cry Later Compilation-2':
13. 'Fucked For Life'
Excruciating Terror:
14. 'Life Ends'
15. 'Hoofed Locusts'
16. 'Celebration Of Wounds (Greetings From My Gut)'
Lack Of Interest:
17. 'Force Fed'
18. 'Bune Che Debune'
19. 'Anger Brought By Disease'
Factoria De Miedo:
20. 'Sangre De Niños'
Despise You:
21. 'Bunk Existence (Arbor Village Plan)'
Stapled Shut:
22. 'Kill the Corporates'

Bonus Songs:
Black Army Jacket:
23. 'Meow, Meow, Meow AKA Corpselos'
24. 'Hueliendo Pega/Sniffing Glue'
25. 'Shadow'
26. 'To Go Without'

Duration : Approx. 77 minutes

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Reviewed on 02-07-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
Forever Autumn
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