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Under Darkest Skies : Poisoning The Hearts Of Fate

The first thing that comes to mind before even listening to 'Poisoning The Hearts Of Fate' is that the name of the band reminds me of the song 'From Darkest Skies' by My Dying Bride. Coincidence? No. The band states them as a huge influence. That's about all the similarities though. This three piece band from Wisconsin, USA plays a kind of music that is very hard to label. It contains some death metal, softer atmospheric parts, heavy guitars, and frequent use of keyboards. A lot of variation. So far so good. Or is it?

I can't say that I like the album. There are too many things that I find annoying to even give it a tenth chance. The screamed vocals easily become very monotone. They're performed the same way, no matter what riff they currently are playing, and are rarely syncopated with the rhythm. There are few heavy parts without vocals at all. Given the fact that I don't like the voice from the beginning, it makes it very irritating that these screams are more or less constantly present. Let the music do the talking once in a while!

The use of a drum machine instead of a real drummer lowers the overall impression even more. Probably because they sound too much like... A drum machine. Usually I wouldn't complain about it but in this case it sounds so bad that it just can't be ignored. It sounds very static. Almost 68 minutes of this is more than I can take.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Empty Words From A Lost Apparition
2. A Place Of Fear And No Compromise
3. Scriptures Of The Dead And Forgotten
4. Spirit Skyway And The Scent Of Angel's Breath
5. Poisoning The Hearts Of Fate
6. Parasites From The Kingdom Of Guilt
7. Artwork...For Dead Eyes To See
8. Bitter...Is The Taste Of God's Wine
9. On Through A Fractured Forest Pt.1
10. A Dirge Of Pain And Isolation
11. Shattered Glass And The Taste Of Razor Blades

Duration : Approx. 68 minutes

Visit the Under Darkest Skies bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kristian Larsson
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