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Uncertainty Principle : Grand Unification Energy

'Grand Unification Energy', Uncertainty Principle's fourth album, consists of 5 lengthy tracks, filled with drones, noise, doom-metal and ambient, showing that Uncertainty Principle manages to combine these styles with ease in a very extreme and destructive mix that will drain the listener of his/her energy: such is the power of these doomy noise-scapes.

'Compromised Cell Structure', the first track, has no beat at all. The entire song evolves around noisy and slow guitar riffs combined with distorted spoken lyrics, that are so cold and emotionless they send shivers down my spine. It seems like just everything is drenched in distortion; even the cold electronic sounds that emerge from the drones have some twisted atmosphere hanging around them and tear right through your mind.

The next track, 'Grand Unification Energy', is a mix between funeral doom and ambient/noise. Pounding murky basses and distorted drums (yes, even the drums are distorted!) guide guitar-leads that are hidden in multiple layers of noise and distortion while a sick and twisted grunt in the background occasionally adds even more maddness.

Even more bass in the next track, 'Stationary State', introducing a slight hint of melody and upfront drums. This instrumental piece is among the more doomy tracks. There's absolutely nothing joyful about this track: it sounds like an ever-lasting descend into darkness and pain...

'Programmed Cell Death' is a very disturbing track. Although still extremely distorted, slow and droney, there are actually clean sounds in there, spread all over the track, always fighting to be heard over the drones and vocals. The introduction of these crystal-clear ambient-riffs, however, doesn't introduce any feelings of hope, but only increased the gloomy atmosphere this album created so far.

And it only gets darker and gloomier in here when the first notes of the last track 'The Chandraeskhar Limit' leave my speakers. Well over 15 minutes, this is a true masterpiece and my favorite track on 'Grand Unification Energy'. It is so very majestic and powerfull, so slow and heavy, it belongs to the best tracks in the extreme funeral/ambient/noise-doom genre. It even has the power to make most funeral doom tracks sound like regular party-music! Starting with clean guitars that fade into pounding drums, slow rhythm-guitars and an amazing nihilistic doomy lead, this instrumental track takes the listener to a realm of pure emptiness, from where there is no return. It fills my mind with a strange desire to stay in this void, this black hole and just lay down to await the end. This track (and this album as well) is over way to soon and my soul cries out for another portion of funeral-drones...

This is music that would certainly appeal to fans of Khanate and Sunn O))), and i urge those to check out this project as it is even better than the aforementioned bands. Uncertainty Principle shows that ambient/noise/drone-doom can be far more extreme than metal. It's the rare kind of music that is both extreme and very deep, it also has a certain twisted beauty to it, that most extreme bands simply lack and mixes several genres into a powerful noise/doom fest that will leave most listeners completely drained of energy, hope and will to live... Others, however, might just get addicted to this album...

Mp3.com site: mp3.com/_a_cultural_EMBOLISM
Web site: uk.geocities.com/whitesp2002
Email: thoraxembalmer666@hotmail.com

[edit by admin.: Both the website and their MP3 page is long gone. For samples check their MP3.com.au page. For the new homepage, see here.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Compromised Cell Structure
2. Grand Unification Energy
3. Stationary State
4. Programmed Cell Death
5. The Chandraeskhar Limit

Duration : Approx. 62 minutes

Visit the Uncertainty Principle bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Stijn Van Cauter
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