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Nadja : Corrasion

Aidan Baker has certainly been busy. This is Nadja's latest release, and the second full length of 2003, third, overall, since just 2002. The project (Nadja is a solo project) can best be described with such words as 'dissonant', 'schitzophrenic' and 'cold'... but also with complete opposites, such as 'mellow', and 'soft', as well. It is these differeing things which force the listener to be patient, and really absorb everything that is going on.

Opening track 'Base Fluid' starts off with the main, and only, riff straight away. The first thing which is evident, is that the guitars have a very soft, and almost comforting tone... they are not harsh at all, as one would expect. Bringing the opposites into play, they are very dissonant, yet mellow at the same time. The second track has evidence of vocals. I say evidence, because they are quiet, mostly whispered, and seemingly buried in the mix... it is difficult to notice them at all! It does suit the vocals well, however, I do think bringing them out a bit more, making them more than just barely audible, might have been better.

An interesting thing, is the lack of ambient/atmospheric passages in the first two tracks. Indeed, it is not until the title track, 'Corrasion', that the droning guitars take a backseat to the rest of the instruments. This allows the listener to better hear, and appreciate, everything which is working in the background, so that once the guitars do come in, there is a better understanding of the structure of each song. Once again, the overall atmosphere is dissonant, although this time, it is more schitzophrenic at times, which makes it seem less mellow, but still somewhat soft. The final track, 'Amniotic', is a 20+ minute piece which begins with lots of quiet feedback. This certainly lends strength to the schitzophrenic side of Aidan's music, and is a nice change of pace from the structured, soft riffing.

Overall, Nadja is something that needs time, and patience, to properly absorb. Much like any Esoteric (...and indeed, Nadja sound very much like Esoteric, but perhaps not as harsh), or Until Death Overtakes Me release, it can sometimes be difficult to appreciate with the first listen, but for those who are willing, this is a worthy, album.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Base Fluid
2. You Are As Dust
3. Corrasion
4. Amniotic

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Nadja bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Matt Zuchowski
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