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Swallow the Sun : Ghost Of Loss

Swallow the Sun have already received many a good word about their first album, 'The Morning Never Came'. Even big magazines such as Kerrang! have acknowledged their talent. Most likely this is both due to good promotion from the label as well as the band having a very accessible sound even for many outside the doom scene. At the same time they should appeal to 99% of all melodic doom/death fans. It also helps to have riffing that hits home straight for most people even when played for the first time. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they end up as one of the big names within the genre.

The instruments cover a whole lot of levels in the music, granting it a rich sound with epic tendencies. The little extra edge is supplied by bright keyboards that remain in the background at nearly all times. With this grand sound they manage to avoid any connections to the "Peaceville Three" despite using whining guitars. There is no shortage of melody either, but this is well-balanced with heavy death riffing and only a moderate amount of gothic sadness and beauty. Acoustic guitars, clean male vocals and grunts keep the music varied without losing the overal sound. Complexity and simplicity meet all the time. This balancing of music is perhaps what has made it so accessible in the first place.

I would highly recommend this band to all those who enjoy melodic death-inspired music. In particular those who prefer doom metal. A rare few extreme doomsters might find this to be a little too mainstream, but in general the band manages to avoid this. This band holds a high musical standard with great songs in the present and a lot of promise for the future. The only negative remark I have is that there are still other albums out there that manage to do more for me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Giant
2. Descending Winters
3. Psychopath's Lair
4. Forgive Her...
5. Fragile
6. Ghost Of Laura Palmer
7. Gloom, Beauty And Despair
8. The Ship

Duration : Approx. 66 minutes

Visit the Swallow the Sun bandpage.

Reviewed on 06-04-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Forever Autumn
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