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Melodic doom/death band with strong musical ties to My Dying Bride. The music includes weeping guitars, rare speed bursts, growls and occational female v...
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Swallow the Sun : The Morning Never Came

Should we think it could be something else other than doom or doom related music? It is so predictable, an uninspired title, projecting - unfortunately - an uninspired album, where cliché upon cliché have been accumulated to an extent that results in a single-listen album, regretfully. The potential is there, sure thing, but the ideas are all chewed-up bubble gum, tasteless almost, stale maybe, faceless - definitely...

I'll start from the beginning:

So many dilemmas had I undergone before approaching writing this review, I couldn't bring myself to a concrete decision about what I was really thinking in regards to the above mentioned album.

I always seek for reasons, reasons for a band to even write music, to undergo through the perils and pains of the recording "business": What is your reason for doing it? Would I be able to actually hear the reason in your music? Would I be given your honest motivation for writing it, playing it, delivering it to me? Would I? Why doing it in the first place? You tell me, you're the fucking musician here, not I...

I answer to myself: "Music is the form of expression that transcends all other artistic efforts. It is beyond words, pictures or plastic art, and actually a unique, sublime and exquisite method of saying what defies all other means of communication..."...

To express the artist's own soul, psyche, feeling - pillars of musical expression - blue-prints of the creator's mind, emotions etc... Basically, logically, it should be so simple: Express your own. Make your music radiate with the uniqueness of thyself. Simple and rational, right? Then tell me why is it that more often than not, too many albums suffer from lack of originality? Why is it then, most sound like everything else out there? I mean, think! Isn't it obvious, and simple into that, that every musical expression should bear a singular identity, just because it has been created by one singular personality? Then why is it that differences tend to fade, individuality tend to transform into musical herd-mentality?...

Through the progress of technology, anybody can record his or her own "music", be it a musician or other. The outcome can even be nice, polished, produced, orchestrated and sophisticatedly sounding... but can anything be labeled as 'music'? Where is the person behind the sounds? Where are his fears, his pains, his confusion, bewilderment, his hatred, his love, his thoughts, all put into the music? Not mine, not yours, not anybody else's, but his own??!!

Swallow the Sun play excellent music. Yes indeed, top notch doom/death metal. Yes indeed, very nice, by-the-book doom/death. Swallow the Sun are apt pupils, and they have learned their lesson well regarding the stylistics and aesthetics of the genre, and they try so hard to fit into this frame, but I don't really hear Swallow the Sun play, do I? I am listening to something that could have been - and I'm sure actually had been - played by thousands upon thousands of other bands

... I know, I know, being innovative and original in such an era, when almost all has already been invented and thought of, is hard a task. I've never asked anybody to re-invent the wheel. What's the point in that? I only ask this: Give me the chance to actually be able to hear the reason for your music. Your reason to writing and performing it. Give me your reason, give me your guts and perspiration and stink, and hard times, and hair-tearing moments of sheer frustration, give me your process, your painstaking process of writing music, your music, your pain, your reason - not the reasons of thousand others - and I'll be satisfied for a moment, no matter what the outcome is... For there isn't really "beautiful" or "ugly" music. There's only personal, emotional, painful music and on the other hand - there's no music at all, just an assembly of sounds, no reason, no heart, deaf and dumb sterility...

Sure, the execution of Swallow the Sun's music is nothing but perfect, hell, even the music is nice, generic melodic doom/death, with generic growls, generic synths, generic drumming, generic over-all sound and production - and to tell you the truth? - I like it, I enjoy it and would rather listen to this album all day long than to most of the crap the underground has been infested with, but should I, or you the listener, the consumer, be so forgiving? Why should I? All I ask is for a clear sonic vision of the actual reason behind the sounds, and Swallow the Sun provide me none, for instead of reasons for their music, all I get are excuses...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Through Her Silvery Body
2. Deadly Nightshade
3. Out of this Gloomy Light
4. Swallow
5. Silence of the Womb
6. Hold this Woe
7. Under the Waves
8. The Morning Never Came

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Swallow the Sun bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chaim Drishner
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