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Seventh Evidence : Air Pockets

Seventh Evidence is a Ukranian band that apparently compares themselves to a damned boat sailing on an unfriendly sea. At least the whole biography on the band’s website consists of a long and perhaps metaphorical journey of such a ship, and I assume the comparison is of their own journey. What other information I could gather is that they recorded a previous album in 1999, and released it as 'Sable Blinds' in 2000 on the label Sound Age Production. Though the limited information I have is not due to a secretive nature on the band’s behalf. I just don't understand Ukranian.

The tracks on 'Air Pockets' were originally recorded in 2002, but no label was interested in releasing them. Thus, they finally decided to do so by themselves in 2005. Perhaps the reason they didn't get signed is because this weeping gothic sound that they have aimed for seems to be quite common in Eastern Europe? In any case, other bands like Dis Pater do have a very similar sound and they too have had a hard time getting signed.

While the music has a doomy side, and the album even contains a few doom metal tracks, the main thing you'll find here is sad gothic metal with a strong romantic side. The clean male vocalist sounds like he's just about to burst out crying, which is very typical for the style. Yet, he has a good voice that fits the weeping guitar-play. Not surprisingly when you consider the genre, the band frequently uses a simple and classical but saddening piano melody. However, while being quite typical for their genre, the band obviously likes to experiment, especially on the beginning of the tracks. This results in a very nice diversity amongst the different songs.

I have no doubt that many will find this album to be too whiny, but before judging them, listen to the track that I find to be the highlight of the album: 'Wail'. You can find it here. But, as you might expect, the music is definitely intended for those who like the Eastern European style of gothic metal; those who don't belong in this fan base will likely have some problems with it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Beginning
2. Feast While Plague
3. Hide
4. & Seek
5. Long Hair
6. Fingers of Fire
7. Honey Flowers
8. No Name but Hope
9. Wail
10. Sable Blinds
11. Jester in Diemond Dirt
12. Ruins Of ... (Outro)

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Seventh Evidence bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-11-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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