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Painted Black : Verbo

With 'The Neverlight', Painted Black's previous effort, the band introduced the world to their unique brand of romanticism and smooth, melodic instrumentation. As refreshing as 'The Neverlight' proved to be, at its core lay a promise to all who dared listen - the promise that the future would yield greater anthems of melancholia and loss, as the band's thorny gaze stared unflinchingly into the clouds above. 'Verbo', Painted Black's second album, hasn't yet penetrated the atmosphere, but the watermarks of ascension are omnipresent.

Gone is the sparse intrumentation that plagued 'The Neverlight'. A new confidence sits in its place, and one truly gets the immediate impression that the band's faith in their own ability has manifested into sharp, purposeful musicianship. Daniel Lucas' vocals have a deeper resonance than was displayed previously. In certain passages, I would dare to use the adjective 'soulful' to describe their quality. Lucas also employs requisite growls and screams as a means of additional color to heavier songs, but said usage pales in comparison to the greatness of his clean vocals.

The soundscape of 'Verbo', perhaps due to Painted Black's newfound confidence, is fittingly complex in contrast with 'The Neverlight', and is saturated with emotions merely hinted upon previously. As such, the comparisons to Anathema and countrymen Moonspell are more relevant than ever. Such a comparison shouldn't be used as a shortcut to thinking, however; Painted Black are uniquely different in spite of similarities shared with the aforementioned bands.

What a difference a matter of years can make! I am still pleasantly surprised with the amount of progress this Portugese band has made, and as a direct result I find myself hoping for their success despite the enormity of the global underground. It is this very hope - the inability to submit in the shadow of overwhelming odds - that truly summarizes the emotional undercurrent of Painted Black.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Desolate Pleading
2. NightShift
3. Expire
4. The Sin Path
5. Your Heart In Ashes

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Painted Black bandpage.

Reviewed on 02-09-2007 by Timothy Coleman
Hate Your Guts Records
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