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This bleakness is the one-man funeral doom "order" of 00I00. Fittingly, the music sounds like the cries of a lone soul in a great hall, occasionally accompani...
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Painted Black : The Neverlight

Portugal has produced a slew of very rich, quality bands, as evidenced by such acts as Process Of Guilt, Desire, and the legendary Gothic Metal band Moonspell. Painted Black build on that musical heritage, crafting a unique blend of depressive musings and sporadic bursts of anguish into a decidely mellow, refreshing package.

Painted Black seek to create a vibrant vision of longing and bleak romanticism on 'The Neverlight', and accomplish this quite successfully via the usage of slow acoustic passages and the occasional visceral blast of brutality. The atmosphere of yearning is so thick within the musical festivities, it almost becomes a breathing tangible entity.

With 'The Neverlight', Painted Black achieve a feat seemingly elusive to similar bands in recent years: expressing romantic sentiment and emotion without simultaneously becoming self-pitying. At times, Painted Black could certainly be considered guilty of melodrama, but such a small grievance is quickly rendered meaningless by the sheer strength of songwriting.

Painted Black seem to have many inherent elements of the aforementioned Moonspell in place. Daniel Lucas certainly seems to have studied at the altar of Fernando Ribeiro, and the fretwork can at times cull comparisons to Moonspell's lighter moments. Fans of Anathema will also experience an overwhelming sense of familiarity with 'The Neverlight' as well, as Painted Black utilize a style not unlike that found on 'Alternative 4' and 'Judgement'.

'The Neverlight' is clearly not for everyone, particularly those within the Funeral and Death/Doom scenes. This album is specifically geared towards the hopeless romantic's sensibilities, and offers the gentle reassurance they are not alone. Well, at least in spirit.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. ...As The Water Slowly Fills Our Lungs
2. The Everlasting Guilt
3. AaBbYyZz
4. Bleed Ghosts
5. Saudade
6. DeadTreeSong

Duration : Approx. 29 minutes

Visit the Painted Black bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Timothy Coleman
Forever Autumn
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