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Morgain : Frostbitten Nakedness

Morgain is one of those bands that hover uncomfortably between gothic-metal and Death/doom-metal. And I say uncomfortably for a reason. Almost as soon as the nice keyboard intro is finshed, you notice a band that should have chosen one or the other style. The music basically falls apart by trying to be two things at the same time, next to, unfortunately, suffering from some poor song writing.

But okay before I further judge this album, let's describe their music for a paragraph or two. After all I assume Morgain is not the best-known band around. First off all, don't confuse them with US doomsters Morgion. This really is a different band (from Slovakia). They actually already released 4 albums, the first two where only released on Tape, and the last two on CD. This is the first album they released on CD.

Musically, they offer us a mixture of semi-catchy Gothic-metal with some traces of Doom-metal. Vocally, they serve us primitive male grunts and extremely fragile female vocals. Their musical style can be compared to the second album of Cemetery of Scream and most other work from bands from the Eastern part of Europe playing Gothic/Doom.

Shamefully, they are not one of the stronger acts within this genre. The entire album is rather mediocre and the music often reminds me of children rhymes. The rhythm section and the vocals can be blamed for this. The musical framework is simply rather simplistic in structure. Some "Slavic influences" in the lead guitar and nice keyboard arrangements are in essence the only things that keep this album interesting.

I wish I could say something really positive about this underground act, but unfortunately I can't. It would be a huge improvement if the band would decide between playing Gothic-metal and Doom. Also losing the poorly executed grunts and simplistic song structures would help. With a lot of hesitation I can perhaps recommend this to fans of some of Tiamat's older work but otherwise, if you see this CD, leave it where you found it, comfortably snuggled away in some second hand bin. Trust me, this is the place it belongs.

Oh and for those who are wondering, yes, the last track is really called '!'. I did not make a mistake there. This last track is apparently a cover from a local act. It is in fact one of the most enjoyable pieces of music on the CD. If Morgain would focus more on their Slovakian cultural heritage they could become a more interesting band indeed!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sorrow
2. Poisoned
3. Nightmare
4. The Room
5. For You
6. Mother's Love
7. The Dialogue
8. Azrael's Kiss
9. Buried Together
10. !

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Morgain bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
Aesthetic Death
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