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Moon of Sorrow : Crystal Emotions

It seems that this album leaves behind what I consider to be the general interest area for most doom metal fans. It is still their avant-garde doom metal style that dominates the music. Still the soft music would perhaps be more interesting for romantic fans of adult rock. On the other hand I think that those who aren't picky and enjoy romantic doom metal in general, would also enjoy the beautiful guitar play.

Their first album 'Tears' had a lot of different influences ranging from progressive to black/death metal to traditional doom. In 'Crystal Emotions' the progressive and atmospheric elements still remain alongside some heavy metal ones. The other elements have been taken over by AOR (adult oriented rock). But the band still has a harder edge than other AOR influenced bands like Toto.

Sometimes the music reminds me of an operetta. It has a sad story to tell and the main focus always seems to be on the clean male vocalist. Another thing that reminds me of this is the dramatic vocals that he uses. There is also a clean female vocalist which appears on a few tracks. It's not often that you find duets in doom metal, but in the case of this album, it actually happened.

So what is my verdict on this CD? Honestly I'm not sure. I'm not really a fan of AOR, but in this case it turns out quite well, I think. Both the doom metal in the music and the well played guitars play a large role in my positive view of this CD. The vocals are nice and the lyrics are ok, but without the music being as good as it is, it wouldn't really have worked. Since this music is as special as it is, I urge all who are interested in trying this band to hear them before buying anything. It's a select taste.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Atmosphere (Intro)
2. Fade Away
3. Don't
4. The Rights Of Humanity
5. Like A Bullet
6. Reptile
7. Crystal Emotions
8. Candy Trees
9. Psychedelic Moves
10. Don't Take It Away

Duration : Approx. 65 minutes

Visit the Moon of Sorrow bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Hate Your Guts Records
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