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Mindblizz : Promo 2005

'Promo 2005'?? In November, 2004? Wow. These guys are optimistic, heh heh. Well, there is a considerable amount of dreck that passes through my listening room. Usually I try to make sure that the journey is as swift as possible. Once in awhile, however, I'll get something that not only rises above the crowd, it rises above most label releases as well. 'The End...of the Beginning' by Sweden's Numbah Ten is one such world-beater. Now Mindblizz, coincidentally also from Sweden, have provided me with another.

If you can see beyond a few minor issues, you'll realize that this is stoner/doom of the first rank. Heavy as dark star, raw as an open sore on a dog's neck, and stoned as a lord. With a name like Mindblizz, you know you're signing up for a mind-altering ride. 'Unholy Ground' sets the stage with some killer chugga-chugga stoner metal with plenty of doom elements for spice. The vocals are filtered and high-pitched, sometimes verging on shrieking. The rhythm section is a rabid dinosaur, and the leads are inventive and utterly sublime; they sound like mid-period 'Iommi, only druggier. Me likee. 'Vampire' is lumbering doom with some great wah, while 'Fire Rain' is stoned doom with a break straight out of 'Electric Funeral'. 'Flowers' is heavy psych until the mind death guitar solo kicks in; it really elevates the song into the astral realms.

I spoke of a few minor issues. They're hardly issues at all. The production is a bit uneven, but you expect that from a demo, don't you? Of course. The vocals sometimes score a miss, but when you're attempting to soar with the eagles you're taking a chance and should be commended. Otherwise, the guitar leads are total downer mind death and the songwriting shows more talent than most bands ever have. Highly recommended for those whose musical passion tends towards the second and third 'Sabbath albums, Cathedral, Starchild, and Spiritual Beggars. Bring on the full length!!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Unholy Ground
2. Vampire
3. Fire Rain
4. Nowhere Man
5. Flowers

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes

Visit the Mindblizz bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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