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Extreme, quiet and depressive doom with blackish vocals. Cold, bleak and calm, this relaxed music could probably best be described as a mixture of Until Deat...
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De Profundis : Beyond Redemption

The first De Profundis album is captivating and challenging, but it still lacks cohesion.

Note by the admin: this review wasn't meant to be one; it's a post the author made on the site's forum in reaction to some harsh criticism the album got.

I finally received the CD and I can now clarify my first impressions. This disc seduces me and the overall impression is very positive. The music is good but more important, it is full of potential, I feel they are close to something really excellent. Since most reactions have been very hard on them, I will take the time to develop my thinking.

De Profundis display a praiseworthy attempt to surprise, to bring their music out of the beaten paths and canons of the genre: they multiply the passages of various colorations, death, black, prog, folk, jumping from a mood to another... This originality has its downside. The architecture of the pieces lacks consistency. Just like a writer who launches the construction of a novel, builds his characters and sets out the different issues of the story only to fall short of inspiration at the end, I often feel that they are unable to conclude and pick up all the threads.

This lack of cohesion, however, makes the music very endearing, curious and baroque. I feel the musicians are eager to impress, to demonstrate their talent, which is real: there are beautiful solos, beautiful work with the bass, a good death voice (the black voice I like less). The end of the second song is excellent with the guitar stretching its lamentations, the attack on the third piece, very "'Crimsonian" in approach, is original... Whenever the music is refined (mid 4th track - and it is my favorite), it is excellent. I find the music of De Profundis captivating, if not totally convincing. It shows a great personality but it must assert itself and set its rough draft in order. I think when everything is settled, concentrated, De Profundis will give birth to a totally exciting work.

In any case, I will follow their route. And I won't be surprised not to see any orthodox doomsters walking along my way...

Reviewer's rating: 6.5/10


Tracklist :
I. In Contemplation Of Existence
II. Delusion Of Life
III. Nihilism Vortex
IV. A Caustic Vexation
V. Into Eternity

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes.

Visit the De Profundis bandpage.

Reviewed on 27-08-2008 by Bertrand marchal
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