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Dymetrodrone is a one-man band led by Phagus. The project consists in an attempt to draw long twisted soundscapes by the sole use of the bass. Extremely distort...
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Mala Suerte : Confusion's Maw

The cover of Mala Suerte's (that's "bad luck" in Spanish, for all you non-Spanish-speakers) demo CD shows a photo of a cute girl withdrawn into the fetal position, presumably in a fit of depression. But not so depressed that she forgot to paint her toenails, ha ha. She's surrounded by doodles and an artfully lettered representation of the band name and demo title. The style of the artwork matches the intro page on their website, so its clear that there is a talented visual artist in the group, as this goes beyond what one usually finds with a new band's demo disc. [edit by admin.: Their website is dead so I replaced the link with their MySpace page.]

In the carefully hand-written (!) note that accompanied this CD, the band wanted to make it clear that their music is inspired by a number of sources. After several listens, I'd say that among those sources are punk, hardcore, doom and psychedelia. The disc opens with 'Ray's intro/Cavity'. The intro features noise, laughing, and growling leading into the high-speed punk of 'Cavity'. What's of interest to us here at Doom-metal.com is the next song, 'Confusion's Maw'. With its thudding rhythm, rough vocals, and doomy lyrics, we have promising doom/sludge core in the vein of Beaten Back to Pure or even Eyehategod. 'Commuter Man', a cover of the DRI. tune, returns to punk land before the disc finishes with 'Cosmicoma', a short, psychedelic song with lots of tasty backwards instrumentation.

From a doomster's point of view, I'd naturally say that the most promising song on this demo is 'Confusion's Maw', which is of course the doomiest. I would also add that I see promise in the psychedelic 'Cosmicoma'. A good mix of these elements could yield an interesting, original result. Let's hope their forthcoming album is as powerful as their live show, which, as any of the lucky few who saw them at SHOD 3 could tell you, is much more powerful than is indicated by their demo.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ray's intro/Cavity
2. Confusion's Maw
3. Commuter Man
4. Cosmicoma

Duration : Approx. 13 minutes

Visit the Mala Suerte bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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