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Classic revisited

M-26 : Sentimentos Sombrios...

Originally 'Sentimentos Sombrios...' (translated: "shady feelings...") consisted of only the two first tracks, 'Entre As Ruinas Do Caos' (translated: "entering the ruins of chaos") and 'Vejo A Dor' (translated: "I see pain"). Back then the demo was released on tape, but in 2002 it was re-released on CD by the band. The re-release includes the third track, 'Lágrimas De Desidéria' (translated: "tears of desidéria"), and all three tracks of the demo can be found on the band's homepage (here) for free download. Note that the server isn't always stable so it's adviced to use a download program that supports resumes.

M-26 is a borderline band when it comes to being doom. There is plenty of doom/death in it, but also you can find quite a bit of pure melodic, sometimes even brutal, death metal. Uptempo sections are certainly no stranger either. On the other hand you will find My Dying Bride-esque melancholic sections with a clear latin female voice on the vocals. The music also features male death metal growls, and on a rare occasion, epic clean male vocals. While mentioning epic, the music in itself has a tendency to go slightly epic at times. The female vocalist, Carla Domingues, takes much of the credit for that.

All of the lyrics are in Portuguese, which is also the mother tongue of their homeland, Brazil.

I can't think of any bands that can be compared to M-26's music in all of their stages. There is definitely quite a bit of My Dying Bride, but you can also find some Swedish death metal tendencies and comparisons to bands like Autopsy. To sum it all up I would say that this is music for many different kind of fans, but it is definitely a bonus if you like all of them.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Entre As Ruinas Do Caos
2. Vejo A Dor
3. Lágrimas De Desidéria

Duration : Approx. 24 minutes

Visit the M-26 bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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