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Mothertrucker : The Last Ride Of Dr Sanchez

From the United Kingdom comes an instrumental band that follows in the footsteps of Pelican's more relaxed stuff. This is mixed with stoner and a small portion of progressive like that of Gordian Knot. Mothertrucker's bandname sound a lot rougher than they really are. However I can fully understand if people find this to be excellent driving music. Long hours behind the wheel will seem much shorter with this on the stereo as well as making the ride a bit more laid-back.

This CD is actually a self pressed, really professional CDr. The booklet is as professional as you get. Almost everything is indistinguishable from a proper label release. The band deserves a lot of credit for taking the trouble to do that. Being self-released, and on the border between an album and a demo also explains the length of the CDr. But 35 minutes is a fair amount of music when you get it quite cheap.

Despite being purely instrumental, the song titles grant us a small view into the minds of those who make the music. Beneath the nice, bouncy groove of the air-guitar-friendly riffing there is a context of mainly trucks and sex. I can understand the truck part since, as I've already stated, this is good driving music. But sex with a grooving bounce can seem a bit strange. But it's neutral enough for you to enjoy it however you like. I find it to be best suited to run in the background while the mind wanders.

This isn't a pure doom release. This is mostly for fans of Gordian Knot, Isis and of course Pelican. If you're looking for a nice relaxed stoner groove with no strings attached, then this is for you. Very decent stoner/drone.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Truckers Of Steel
2. Waxing The Shaft
3. Boss Eye
4. Sex Wound
5. Truckasaurus Rex
6. Fan On Fan Off

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes

Visit the Mothertrucker bandpage.

Reviewed on 04-05-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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