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Molten Lava Death Massage : Eye of Ra

Molten Lava Death Massage is a three piece sludge outfit from Hong Kong. 'Eye of Ra' is their first release and I must say a good start for these dudes. Being young, but old enough to create kick-ass jams, Molten Lava Death Massage gives us an album which, although has its flaws, is quite blastable. Bands like Mastodon, Sleep, Kyuss, and Acid Bath are very evident influences for these guys, and it shows.

This band has also taken the stoner/sludge concept and sped it up; a lot at some points on this CD. Fans of stoner rock will be pleased upon hearing this record, because it has a sound that is similar to that of the Palm Desert scene back in the ‘90s, yet it is from Hong Kong. Each song on the record causes me to bang my head at least a little bit, which is reason enough to pick up this CD.

However, there is a problem. The songs are very similar to one another, and although they are different in terms of writing and riffage, they blend together so that listening to the CD all the way through is similar to what we all did when we heard Sleep's 'Dragonaut' for the first time (listen to it again and again). The band gives plenty of compensation for this, though, by throwing in the occasional riff or fill, which jumps out and kicks your ass once you start to space out and not give this album your full attention.

The vocals are also very irascible, which, I think, is what makes this band stoner metal, not stoner rock. The album is also complimented by an excellent cover with artwork done by Adrian Dexter. This band is worth supporting and I am looking forward to what they have in store for us. Check them out if you get a chance; if you like stoner metal, be careful, because they may become a common sound in your headphones.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. "Death is Never Sated"
2. Bayonet
3. Adam’s Field Trip to Hell
4. Nandeska
5. Tecumseh and the Prophet
6. Axe of the Occult
7. Bril in a Sarcophagus
8. Toast
9. The Eye of Ra

Duration : Approx. 34 minutes

Visit the Molten Lava Death Massage bandpage.

Reviewed on 25-10-2007 by Cody Liebetrue
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