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Worship : Last Vinyl Before Doomsday

This album is the ultimate soundtrack to suicide. The depressive atmosphere, the lyrics, the insane grunting and screaming and the actual suicide of vocalist Fucked Up Mad Max all add to that observation. These four songs of minimalistic doom contain the complete stages of suicide, from depression to all out despair, then to calm acceptance and consolation. From there on anger and tension, sometimes blossoming into unspecific rage. Finally there is the suicide itself, the slow preparation, the melancholic mood and then… the fatal moment. The heart beats faster as you say goodbye to life. You still linger in this imperfect world, but you are slowly but steadily drawn to the other side. Suddenly, the impending doom is upon you and you are torn from life. All that remains is your last screaming breath, echoing in the air.

Worship have put this all to music in a way that I like very much. The songs are very slow, empty and melancholic. Expect only heavy distortion guitars with wailing, clean lead, sickening grunts and screams and depressing clean moans. No keyboards and only a little piano and drums fill it all out. The first song ends with a beautiful depressive guitar solo, in slow doom style. Another memorable point in the album is the moment of death in the last song, where stereo guitars slam into your brain, ushering in death, coming to get you. Expect 46 minutes of emotional drain and insanity.

Even though Max, the singer, apparently really committed suicide after making this album, I don't think this album makes you want to do yourself in. The suicide presented by Worship is far too gruesome and horrifying to push you over the edge. 'Last Vinyl Before Doomsday' confronts you with death, and that ain't a pretty sight. The music, though, is top notch, and highly recommended to any lover of (minimalistic) extreme doom.

"Kill yourself…and worship!"

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Whispering Gloom
2. Solicide and the Dawning of the Moonkult
3. Eclipse of Sorrow
4. Worship

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the Worship bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
No God Only Pain
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