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These Chileans play a dark, sinister, and, above all, anguished form of doom metal which perhaps most closely resemble Enoch. Similarities can also be dr...
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Liquid Sound Company : Inside the Acid Temple

The first time I met John Perez was in Kansas City, Missouri, when he was road manager on the Warhorse/E. Wiz' tour. I remember talking about the latest treasure he had managed to find for his album collection: a vinyl issue of an Ash Ra Tempel album. "Holy crap", thought I, "this is no musical lightweight here." After all, it takes an especially dedicated collector to track down the 'Tempel on vinyl.

John, together with the other two members of the Liquid Sound Company, shows just how deep the interest in all things psychedelic and spacey goes. Formed by John in 1995 as a side gig from his underground doom band Solitude Aeturnus, Liquid Sound Company issued 'Exploring the Psychedelic' in 1996 in order to explore more bizarre sounds than Solitude' allowed. The other 2 legs of the Liquid Sound' tripod were Jason Spradlin and Teri Pritchard, both members of Texas doomsters Last Chapter. Spradlin appears on 'Inside the Acid Temple', but Pritchard has been replaced by Dave Fargason, formerly of Vas Deferens Organization. If you were one of the thousands who scored a copy of LSC.'s first album, then get ready for more, only better. And if you're into creativity in music, then for Sandoz' sake look no further.

'Inside the Acid Temple' is a psychedelic journey to the center of your mind's eye, aided and abetted by middle-eastern scales, cosmic lyrics, and weird electronics; heavy on the textures, please. 'Cubehead' starts things off with an old-fashioned, west coast psychedelic raveup. 'The League for Spiritual Discovery Lives' (catch the nod to Timothy Leary?) is kind of a thumbnail for what the album is all about: subtle percussion, hypnotic vibes, and great guitar tone. It reminds me of the kind of territory Hawkwind covered in the 80s. 'Preparation for the Psychedelic Eucharist' has chanted vocals over some cool King Crimson-esque guitar sustain. 'The Art of Ecstasy' contributes some sexy female "tantric" vocals, courtesy of guest Sylvia Perez, while 'Gospel According to Robot A. Hull' is unashamedly retro, with tuff guitar tones and a 'Doors/Jim Morrison feel.

OK, so it`s not Heavy. But these guys explore some territory that any stoner/doomster would love to wander around in. Liquid Sound Company reclaim psychedelic music from the sonic wallpaper sellouts and present it to us as it should be: by turns hard, subtle, thoughtful, and creative. So enough with the hippie bashing (heh heh), this is where it's at, man!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Cubehead
2. The League for Spiritual Discovery Lives
3. Preparation for the Psychedelic Eucharist
4. Inside the Acid Temple
5. Free!
6. The Art of Ecstasy
7. Gospel According to Robot A. Hull
8. Unfolding

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Liquid Sound Company bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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