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Litham : Dhal Ennar

Litham is an Arab word for the veil by which the nomads from Sahara cover their faces against the desert storms. According to the info accompanying this release, the band members have chosen this name because they want to create an aura of mystery about the band. Furthermore, if I must believe the same press kit, this album is the first ever Algerian metal release. Having read this, my expectations weren't exactly high, but oh how wrong I was!

Litham play at an extraordinary high technical level, while their songs are well-crafted and inventive. Their unusual origin clearly shows in their music as well, as their solid, challenging metal rhythms are implemented by eastern scales, acoustic solo's and other native influences. The vocal delivery consists of brutal growls, some spoken and clean parts and a few subtle but very efficient choirs. The sound quality of this album puts many western releases into shame: it's clear, powerful and well balanced. My favourite tracks on this album, are the second one 'Secrets' with its impressive break after a first metal part, resulting in an oriental melody which brings to mind images of the Sahara, with desert winds blowing among enormous sand piles and camels marching through them; and the awesome instrumental outro 'El Litham' with its catchy eastern themes and outstanding musicianship.

You must check out this band if you are a fan of Orphaned Land and Mezarkabul, as Litham are together with those bands one of the very few metal acts that are able to incorporate convincingly authentic eastern influences and yet retain that heavy metal edge. Band contact: www.litham.fr.st

[edit by admin.: That site is dead. Here's the new one: http://litham.free.fr Note that it might not work properly on all browsers and I can confirm Opera as being one of them.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Iia youm eddine
2. Secrets
3. El djamra
4. Elixir
5. Empire of imbliss
6. L’kahf
7. Chapter XIII
8. El litham

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Litham bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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