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Thergothon inspired doom/death band. Often very slow and would have been considered funeral doom if it weren't for all the, sometimes quite uptempo, deat...
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Lazerwolfs : Navaja Automatica

Montana's Lazerwolfs walk it like they talk it, and the language is DIY. Before you read any further, know that this album is available only as a free internet download, recorded, mastered, and released by the group themselves. Ya see, this group's rhythm section has been operating together for something like 20 years, and under the 'Wolfs banner for seven. In case you don't want to do the math, that means they've grown up and acquired lives, as in jobs and family, not to mention suffering the slings and arrows of life on this earth in the form of accidents such as broken backs (Yow!). So, realistically speaking, world tours ain't happenin', and the goal is to simply get the music out there, and forget about the private jets and gold Jags. Merging idealism with realism, the band elected simply to make the album available for free rather than try to squeeze any money out of it. [edit by editor: You'll find the mp3's here: www.lazerwolfs.com]

So now you kinda sorta know the story, but does the music measure up to the generosity? For those of you groovesters who remember back to '02 and their previous long player, 'Get Mad', the answer is a bellowed "Hell Yes!" If the reviews of 'Get Mad' were any indication, those who heard the disc loved it, and 'Navaja Automatica' is if anything, better. I mentioned that the rhythm section has been together for some 20 years or so, and if that doesn't spell T.I.G.H.T. then something's wrong. The music takes the basic, unpretentious, sincere hard rockin' of the last disc to the next level. 'Prowl' starts things off with plenty of fresh mega-riffs and lovely, crunchy fuzz, filled to the brim with crackling energy. It's a fair forecast of things to come. 'Simple' has some mind bending guitar burn-in and sweet bass, while 'Stone' is slow and evil, a poem about a social irritant set to music. 'Flight' will remind you of what our friends Down Under call Acca Dacca (AC/DC), with a right-on screed declaring cultural war against Wal-Mart. You won't catch me arguing! 'Living Backwards' is a cover of the 'Vitus chestnut, and frankly this is the only place the album slips up, as I could wish for a lot more heaviness. But then again, I wish that the original was heavier, too! 'Burn' will suggest Fu' in the good old days, while the guitar break in 'Sugar' briefly throws us a curve, reminiscent of 'Iommi and his wonderful live breaks in old recordings of 'Wicked World' or maybe his solo guitar in the midst of 'Warning'. But it's just a quick break in the rockin, which by now should have you in a neck brace.

Lazerwolfs have come up with an outstanding, no frills, crunchy rock feast, and everyone's invited to the table, regardless of their financial means or lack thereof. God bless 'em! So just click on over to their site for a taste. Cheers!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Prowl
2. Switchblade
3. La Media
4. Simple
5. Stone
6. Fight
7. Hit Man
8. Living Backwards
9. Pablo
10. Burn
11. Sugar

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes

Visit the Lazerwolfs bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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