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Lamented Souls : The Origins of Misery

When I mention Simen Hestnæs (Arcturus, Borknagar and Dimmu Borgir) I doubt most of you will think of Doom-metal, much less classic Epic Doom-metal. The man with one of the most recognisable voices in the metal world has however joined forces with a team of talented musicians (Olav Knutsen of Infernö, O.J. Moe of, amongst others, Cadaver Inc. and Einar Sjursø most notably of Beyond Dawn fame) to do just that. 'The Origins of Misery' represents a collection of songs recorded between 1993 and 1997 and includes an unreleased full-length album, demos and a few rare tracks. Overall running time is just over the 61 minute mark.

The album opens with the exceptionally strong track 'Essence of Wounds' and this high level is continued throughout almost the entire length of the album. The well composed and executed music has traces ranging from Saint Vitus to Candlemass. The overall tempo is as it should be; a mix of slow bits and sluggish mid-tempo beats. This however does not diminish the fact that some songs simply rock. Lamented Souls isn't afraid to sometimes push the proverbial gas-peddle somewhat. The music stays true to the doom spirit however, without a doubt.

It's close to impossible to miss Simen's distinctive vocals (think of his work done for Arcurus, etc.). While the music is excellent on its own, they steal the show. In a way this is almost sad, because if you focus too much on the vocals you’re going to miss out on some great musical highlights throughout the entire album. More then anything his voice is the icing on this doomed cake.

Shamefully as the album progresses I do think its impact slowly starts to suffer. The first songs are clearly the stronger ones. Of course it does not help that at some point a few songs are repeated, but in a different version. When not paying attention this may cause you to quickly lose attention before the album is over.

To recap, Lamented Souls presents some absolutely great Doom, played by very talented and seasoned musicians. The combination of slow pounding, more epic doom with slightly more rocking Doom rock works out well for the band. The music has a slightly addictive feel to it, forcing you to listen to it over and over again to get your doom shot. The first three songs are for sure the strongest (third track 'Var' is on the album twice), but the rest of the album is also of high quality. If you are into traditional doom of any style I am sure you will love this, and if you’re a fan of Simen's vocals from one of his other projects, but perhaps not big into traditional doom, this is a great way to get introduced if you ask me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Essence of Wounds
2. Hybris
3. Var
4. Suffer Salvation
5. Demon Baby
6. Traces of you
7. Sprukken Maske *
8. Var
9. Eternal Existence
10. Nemesis
11. Sybris
12. Sprukken Maske *
13. Eternal Existence
14. Soulstorm

7 & 12. Cracked Mask

Duration : Approx. 61 minutes

Visit the Lamented Souls bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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