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A solo project by CÚdric Seyssiecq, also of Grey November, Grlscz occupies similar musical territory but without the female vocals of the former. ...
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The Knell : Winter Shade

With most major death/doom acts changing their style, if you still want solid death/doom these days you need more and more to turn to demo bands. The Knell becomes one of your best options then with their demo 'Winter Shade'. Slow pace, emotional and melodic Death/Doom the way the grandfather used to make it.

On the last two tracks we get melodic guitars intertwined with heavy slow riffing to create a sound we are familiar with from bands like My Dying Bride, Saturnus and old Anathema. The Knell however manages to not blindly copy any of these acts. Of course you'll find the music recognizable, after all they aren't walking any untreaded paths, but you never feel like your`re listening to some cheap knockoff, they do have their own sound.

Vocally we are treated to the usual mix of grunts, whispers and clean vocals (all male). They do a good job setting the atmosphere for this album. They are well intertwined with the music and this assures that the two come across as one entity. Due to a good number of alternations between slow and up-tempo sections the band also assures the entire demo remains interesting.

The first track 'Winter Shade' contains these elements and has up-tempo parts, but it is also filled with lovely funeral march like doom. Slow funeral doom sections, complete with church bell sound. Truly something that can actually be played with a funeral progression. A track I believe that will definitely appeal to funeral doom fans as well.

This is simply good solid death/doom-metal that will appeal to most fans of this genre. Okay, it isn't rocket science, but that is also not what this genre stands for. Especially the first track 'Winter Shade' is wonderful. The entire demo can be downloaded for free on their mp3.com page: www.mp3.com/the_knell

[edit by admin.: Since MP3.com is long dead as a source of free music from non-macdonaldized bands you'll no longer find the demo there. However you'll find two of the tracks here.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Winter shade
2. Angel Sobbing
3. Black Veil and promise

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes

Visit the The Knell bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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