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Kilauea : Kilauea

Any group of riffing blues-based doomsters that has the cojones to name themselves after Hawaii's most active geological phenomenon, home of the volcano goddess Pele, better have the crunch to back it up, or risk being labeled posers of the worst sort. No worries, o my brothers and sisters, because Kilauea will rattle your bones. This unpretentious power trio from Portland, Oregon is part of a new crew of old schoolers that's been coming up in the past few years. Sure, they owe tons to 'Sabbath and 'Vitus, but I wouldn't necessarily lump them in with the Maryland school. Instead, they bring something subtly different to the table.

But first and foremost this group is a riff dealer. They complement that above-average songwriting ability with an obvious love of tone and the high quality equipment it takes to transmit it successfully. They mac on good tone as much as any first-class desert band you could name. A final ingredient in this brain-bashing recipe are the vocals: melodic, clean, yet with a barely-suppressed bellow that sounds more like doom for crusties than anything else. 'Creepy Weeds' lets you know what you're in for, it's blues doom with shades of the 70s mixing with a hint of sludge. 'Deathfog' is an instro with pretty foreboding acoustics and subtle riffing, but at almost nine minutes, it's overlong. The two final tunes are the finest. Both are rich in 70s riffing inspiration. 'Keepers of the Plague' contrasts up-tempo rockin' doom with quiet moments that recall 60s 'Floyd. Umm mmm good. 'Floating Gypsy Colony' complements churning riffage with trippy social/critical lyrics singing of floating utopias on the sea.

Although this is clearly a demo, the production is remarkably good, except for 'Floating Gypsy Colony's rather abrupt ending. This group, though clearly as unpretentious as the neighborhood in which they are photographed inside the CD insert, has ambitions for vinyl releases and European tours. More power to 'em; they deserve success. Hey, how about a quadruple doom bill featuring Kilauea, Paranaut, Leather Nun, and Starchild? Now THERE'S a concert worth driving great distances to see. You say you want to lay waste to cities and kill suburban lawns? These folks'l school ya.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Creepy Weeds
2. Sea/Land
3. Deathfog
4. Keepers of the Plague
5. Floating Gypsy Colony

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes

Visit the Kilauea bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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