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The music is influenced by, but not limited to, My Dying Bride and Opeth. Many of the members went on to form Another Messiah....
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Katatonia : Tonight's Decision

After having made the surprise move from Avantgarde to Peaceville this is the 4th full length album of Katatonia. Already having left their more metal sound behind on 'Discouraged Ones' they continue the way one would expect them too.

The most notable feature is again J. Renkse clean vocals. If they weren't a "love em or hate em" issue before they definately have become so now. His vocals sound extremely fragile and compliment the music. Music that has incidentally become a little heavier again than on 'Discourged Ones'.

The entire album is so melancholic, so desperate and puts across such a feeling of apathy that it is hard to remain unaffected. Katatonia always knew how to make deeply emotional music but on this album they might have reached a high point. Heaviness gets sacrificed to make deep melancholic music. The lyrics are so dead on correct in portraying the emotions and feelings of a depressed individual that you can't help but wonder what goes on in the heads of Katatonia's members.

I will probably push it a little here but I think that this record simply proves that Katatonia are the masters of what I like to call Depressive rock.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. For My Demons
2. I Am Nothing
3. In Death, a Song
4. Had to (Leave)
5. This Punishment
6. Right into the Bliss
7. No Good Can Come of This
8. Strained
9. A Darkness Coming
10. Nightmares by the Sea
11. Black Session

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Katatonia bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
Forever Autumn
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