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It Will Come : 47

The height of It Will Come's career.

After receiving very high praise from magazines, e-zines and music lovers, both inside and outside the doom metal scene, yes even here on our very own site; the two demos have been re-released on one CD by December's Ghost. I already own 'Bound' and regret letting the '47' promo slip through my hands and to another reviewer. Obviously I really like this band, but we have already sung the praises needed. We have also described the individual sound of the demos thoroughly and very decently. So let's have a look at the band's progress instead.

As most bands do, It Will Come started out close to their influences. Bands like The 3rd and the Mortal and My Dying Bride resonate through the music of the first demo 'Bound'. They have also followed the normal path of development, maturation; walking more and more on paths of their own. In '47', the riffs have become more inventive, the vocalist, Louise Halldin, puts more of herself into the songs, and overall the band bursts with increased confidence. In my ears they sound ready for their first full-length already.

While the music has grown more majestic, richer, and more varied, the sadness in it stands equal. The guitars have also grown less crude. My prediction is that this means they will never become the most depressive band in history. Nor do I expect them to become an extreme band in any direction. I find it more likely that they will remain more accessible (if any doom/death band can be called that).

Overall, I consider both demos to be high quality works from definitely above average musicians. If you didn't get your fingers on the two demos the first time, then this is an excellent opportunity. My final prediction is that most melodic doom/death fans will at least find something to their liking.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Deeper Into Nothing
2. Mute Witnesses
3. Sickness

4. Bound
5. Storm of Sin
6. Our Peace

Duration : Approx. 43 minutes

Visit the It Will Come bandpage.

Reviewed on 17-12-2006 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
Hate Your Guts Records
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