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It Will Come : 47

Sweden is a country that has offered many great doom metal bands throughout the years. I suppose this is no time for historical lessons, but I say this simply to point out that a new interesting doom metal band from Sweden has appeared and this is their second demo.

Three tracks and a total length of 26:34 minutes. The grey front cover of the demo CD pictures an ominous sky and prepares the listener for the music that is trapped inside the CD. Long mysterious riffs, slow tempo and characteristic female vocals are the three basic elements of this band's music. The demo opens with the 9:35 minute-long 'Deeper Into Nothing' which is a great riff-based song starting with two guitar riffs that almost turn to be its basis. Soon after the melodic female voice of Louise Halldin fills the song with melodic lines. The mix between the melodic vocal lines and the twisted doom metal riffs offers a great listening experience. If you figure out what is really going on in this specific song you have almost caught the general point behind the rest of the music by this band, simply because the features that can be heard in this song will identify the following songs on this demo as well. From the beginning 'till the end of the song the tempo remains slow – and becomes even slower from time to time - the atmosphere remains mysterious, the vocals remain melodic, the riffs remain foggy. So we can move on…

'Mute Witnesses' lasts 8:45 minutes begins with a mournful and mysterious guitar melody. In general this song is based mostly on melodic guitar themes and not so much on twisted riffs. The vocals are still there, sound a little darker this time, enforcing the song and turn it into a mysterious musical travel into the world of grey. Somewhere in the middle of the song the guitar becomes more calm offering more free space to the vocals, but soon the electricity fills the air again and the journey goes on…

'Sickness' is the third – and final - song of this demo. In here twisted doom metal riffs are mixed with haunting guitar melodies and for another 8:04 minutes the listener has the chance to dive into the mysterious musical lakes of this band for the last time. The vocals become more "sick" and the rhythm section –starting in a slow tempo- is getting wilder with double-bass drum fills in specific parts. 3 minutes before the end the atmosphere changes and the listener encounters another melodic theme that drives the song into its finale enforced by a mournful guitar solo. But just shortly before the end the riffs are getting heavy again, driving the song to a fading finale into oblivion with a little melodic theme as an epilogue. The title of the song is the most descriptive term to use as far as its main riffs and atmosphere are concerned. It seems that the band was looking to create something like that and finally made it. This is for sure the least "radio friendly" song on there (who cares?)

This demo remained in my stereo for a really long time. For reasons still unknown to me the music of this band has magnetised me. I would have preferred to hear a little heavier production on the rhythm section – drum and bass - but OK, after all this release is a demo and when the songs are so great, who cares if they aren't 100% perfectly produced. The material of It will Come is ideal for everyone into melancholic, dispersive and mournful doom metal. Are you into the trip or not?

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Deeper Into Nothing
2. Mute Witnesses
3. Sickness

Duration : Approx. 27 minutes

Visit the It Will Come bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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