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One man project by Marius Strand. It is a mixture of romantic, beautiful doom metal with similarities to Agalloch, Novembers Doom and Anathema<...
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IronKind : Ironkind

Ironkind's demo actually got send to me together with regular promotional material as a "hey, also check out my own band" by Game Two Records label boss Conan Hultgren (vocals). Label bosses doing this in the past, has made me have to sit through raw Death-metal and even Grind! Fortunately, Conan Hultgren knows his Doom and I found myself enjoying this demo more than anything else he sent to me!

Ironkind describe themselves as "Electric Boogie-Doom" and I am in full agreement there. Expect Bluesy, yet thoroughly doomy Metal/Rock to pound through your speakers when listening to this. Unlike some stoner acts, Ironkind truly keep the speed and the mood low and they are dooooooom! However, as they do this, they boogie-woogie through every song adding a lot of melody and groove.

It is hard for me to pick a favourite song, as the songs don't out do one and other much. I do think 'Slowly Hurting' will probably appeal most to pure doom fans who shuddered when I mentioned the term "Boogie-Woogie", but then again, if you don't enjoy some '70ties groove in your doom, you might be best of skipping this one. If you do however, oh-boy you are in for a treat! Contact the band and get this thing asap!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Fastburn
2. Slowly Hurting
3. Hurting Me
4. Sanctuary

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes

Visit the IronKind bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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