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Owing to the name, you suspect Iron Man started out as a Sabbath tribute band. Playing traditional covers and 1980's Doom-metal with a big Blac...
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Illuminatus : Aborted revolutions

Strange case, this Nottingham based band. Their material is so catchy, accessible and professional sounding, that it makes you wonder 'where have I heard this song before?', until you realize that you actually haven’t heard it before, as this band is not (yet) known to a wider audience. It is simply the quality of their songwriting and their directness that make their sound so recognizable and enjoyable.

Comparisons can be easily made and parallels drawn, but that would take away from this band’s individuality and personal approach, as they manage to blend all their influences in a brilliant emotional mix which they describe - somehow pretentiously, but surprisingly accurate - as 'post-metal'. The band's sound is characterized by beautiful, melancholic guitar lines which can effortlessly jump from semi-acoustic introspection to distorted heaviness and Julio Taylor's emotional vocals, which on their turn cover the whole range between semi-whispery moaning to emocore-like screaming. Background keyboards add extra atmosphere and emotion without getting in the way or dominating.

The three songs have very strong built-in dynamics and while at moments they make you dream away, at other times they surprise you with their heaviness and power. Also the tempo can pick up surprisingly from mid tempo to fast, almost hardcore like, outbursts. Although I wouldn't call Illuminatus a doom-metal band, comparisons to mid period Anathema ('The Silent Enigma', 'Eternity') are entirely justified, especially if you take notice of the characteristically wailing guitars (especially the beginning of 'White Lies' reminds strongly of 'A Dying Wish') and the softer moments of singer Julio’s vocals, which remind of Vincent Cavanaugh in later Anathema albums (mind you, in his harsher moments, he reminds more of James Hetfield!).

So if a conclusion has to be made, I would say this is not doom, but will probably appeal to most fans of later day Anathema, mid period Paradise Lost and all fans of emotional, atmospheric rock/.metal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Emotion Sickness
2. Wargasm
3. White Lies

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes

Visit the Illuminatus bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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