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Until Death Overtakes Me : Symphony II - Absence of Life

What I had previously heard of Until Death Overtakes Me reminded me a lot of a mixture between Skepticism and Elend, a sort of ambient Doom. On this second demo however I find close to no metal elements anymore. Until Death Overtakes Me seems to have crossed over completely into Darkwave made by bands like Dream to Dust, Veinke or Sephiroth. Only the distant guitar sound on the last track and the distant distorted grunts hint towards metal.

This 66 minute long demo focuses on creating a very bleak, depressing soundscape. I can easily imagine a barren land outstretching as far as the eye can see, no hope for escape and a lonely desolate journey without any real goal. This is one of those albums you can drift away on, it won't enforce its rule upon you unless you allow it.

Shamefully I think that is also where its weakness lies, there seems to be no goal in this album, no focus. If you don't pay attention to the music it quickly fades into the background and once you notice it again you hardly feel like you've missed anything. The same bleak, endless music and atmosphere still there. The difference between songs also isn't phenomenal.

I like the monotony of it a lot, but somehow it seems to miss that spark to keep you really interested. Perhaps it is due to the absence of a metal element. Something that makes bands like Skepticism and Shape of Despair sound interesting and bleak at the same time. "No hope"-music is a wonderful thing, but the whole should also be kept interesting. Perhaps if the vocals had been used more often and been brought further up into the mix they would have given the music more substance. Now it slightly lacks focus.

'Absence of Life' is something I would put on late at night, perhaps together with Veinke, Sephiroth and other desolate darkwave acts. It serves well in such a role and I would recommend getting this demo if you enjoy the aforementioned acts. However if you're expecting variation, roaring guitars and soul-crushing heaviness, look elsewhere.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. This Dark Day
2. In the Mist
3. Absence of Life
4. And death took her Smile Away

Duration : Approx. 66 minutes

Visit the Until Death Overtakes Me bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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