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Until Death Overtakes Me : Symphony II - Absence of Life

Silently and peacefully, this amazing funeral doom project enters the small funereal scene, adding new dimensions of auditory depression, isolation and nihilism to the most depressive musical realm of this suffering world. Until Death Overtakes Me is an one-man ambient doom project which 'overtakes' most of its depressed counterparts in slow, pounding sounds, depressive atmosphere and incurable pessimism.

The first thing that comes to mind while listening to this work for the first time is - except that the creator of such sick, desolate music must be a chronic resident of a mental clinic - the strong ambient basis and 'feel' it emanates. As such, those doom fans who are into dark ambient as well, should mostly enjoy this work. Like a more 'metallized' version of Raison D'╩tre, the music seems to drift around purposeless, endlessly building up only to fade out again and eventually fall into a horrifying gap of utter nihilism and hopelessness.

While the agonisingly slow orchestral keyboards bring forth vague reminiscences of 19th century classical music (fragments of works of romantic era composers like 'Ravel and 'Mussorgski occasionally spring to mind), the ultra deep grunt and distortion guitar lingering in the background remind of the grandeur of the mighty Skepticism. This comparison is even more justified if we consider the fact that also this artist has chosen for the use of unconventional percussion, leaving aside the drums and replacing them with deep, pounding timpani sounds.

However, the resemblance's with the masters of Finnish funeral doom appear to be only superficial after a close inspection; Until Death Overtakes Me focuses even more on the ambient side of the sound. This becomes mostly evident with the second track 'In the Mist', which consists of endlessly drifting along waves of sound produced by a bass guitar, a bow and reverb effects, while a saxophone appears occasionally in the background adding its own (atonal) colour.

However in my opinion, the third track 'Absence of Life' is the absolute highlight of this album, the apogee of pessimism, despair and nihilism served in an ugly package of funereal doom agony. The lyrics of the song leave nothing to the imagination of the listener: "Reach for the cold-eyes stare dead-unspoken dreams. Absence of will - no joy in life - let me go." Not exactly a highlight of 21st century welfare optimism, right?

This is most probably not everyone's cup of tea and only time will tell if the doom-metal community shall embrace this experimental, ambient doom project in its icecold, purple arms. Until thenů "The anger towards this world burns and grows within, together with my fascination and my desire for death."

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. This Dark Day
2. In the Mist
3. Absence of Life
4. And death took her Smile Away

Duration : Approx. 66 minutes

Visit the Until Death Overtakes Me bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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