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True traditional english Doom Metal. When groovy and mid-tempo it reminds of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, when more funerary and somber, Cat...
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Heretic's Fork : Neanderthal Ballet

The heretic who allegedly always carries a fork also has a few other distinct features about himself. He's goat-like with red skin. Following from the sound emanating from his fork gives me the image that he is cocky, aggressive, primitive, and as I'm sure anyone who knows him well can vouch for, just a tad evil. While there are no lyrics in his dedication, this comparison still describes the music so well.

While their debut was indeed a fantastic doom/desert rock album, they have clearly outdone themselves in every way here. With the exception of some really laid back quieter sections, everything is made from very headbangable heaviness. Either you stop when you're dizzy, or you'll surely feel it in your neck tomorrow. Having said that, you can already understand why the quieter sections are very welcome whenever they come.

In addition to the powerful riffage, there is a really strong feeling of majesty. While the bass slowly thunders on and the drums ritually pound into the earth, the music still manages to keep its chin up, eyes looking straight forwards, intent on not giving in to anything. Not only do they pull it off, but they do it really well, too. 'Slave Name', my favorite on the album, is a nine minute long prime example of the best in their sound. It just keeps building itself upwards towards a grand climax in the end. It makes you wish the track was a lot longer so you can experience it once again.

Fans of anything heavy within either the stoner rock or the doom metal genre will have lots to look forwards to here. Bands like Obiat, YOB and Reverend Bizarre all come to mind in every flattering way. Few self-released albums have impressed me as much as those made by this fork.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Eater
2. Patricide
3. Appetite
4. Thin The Herd
5. Slave Name
6. Black-Haired Fathers
7. Father-Daughter Dance
8. Marching Orders
9. Soured Flesh
10. TFH
11. Ole Milky

Duration : Approx. 73 minutes

Visit the Heretic's Fork bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-02-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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