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Melodic doom/death with a dark, yet melancholic aura around it. There are some occasional clean female vocals, but mostly you'll find grunts. Expect a few uptem...
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Heavy Lord : From Cosmos To Chaos

As you can read in my review of 'The Holy Grail', I was pretty impressed with Dutch doomsters Heavy Lord. Well, that feeling seems to be right on the spot, as I'm impressed once again with this new release, which is scheduled for release in March 2006 by fledgling doom label Solitude Productions from Russia.

In a way, this album is more of the same, when compared to the first album. But 'From Cosmos to Chaos' is a significant step forward as well. The four guys from Heavy Lord are firmly in the driver's seat, so to speak, as this album sounds more confident and professional than the last one. A pretty big development in a short time. The production has improved greatly, without losing any amount of the grim heaviness that was present on the first disc.

The music, like I said, is still raw, sluggish and, above all, heavy. 'Sabbathy goodness, but with those 30+ years of doom evolution thrown in for good measure. Heavy Lord sound scarily up to date, while still having the spunk to appeal to the more traditionally minded. Each of the five songs is a mix of low, dirty riffs, some calm and brooding parts (the beginning of 'While Empires Burn' comes to mind) and some severe acceleration thrown in for good measure. Any doomster worth his title will catch himself banging at least several times during these 41 minutes.

So, go out and get yourself some of this, is what I'd say. This is very decent underground heaviness for those who can't get enough of that creamy center of doom: the riffin'. Recommended for lovers of traditional and modern heaviness.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Elephaunt
2. Scorpion Sting
3. The Ego Has Landed
4. One Is A Billion
5. While Empires Burn

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes

Visit the Heavy Lord bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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