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This dark two piece called Murnau is perhaps the first band to blend a nearly pure mixture of doom and progressive metal. The music is mournful with an e...
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Hainloose : Burden State

It's been about three years since Germany's quirky groove rockers Hainloose last graced us with 'Rosula'. That platter boasted a heavy dose of Unida-style desert goodness; they've since de-emphasized that in favor of adding in some nasty southern flava to their one-of-a-kind stew. The result is a toothsome, edgy riff-fest combining late COC, Taildragger, idiosyncratic Swedish fuzz la Sparzanza, and old school rock.

Despite titles like 'Maryland' and 'Proud of My Doom', there's no doom to be found on this rekkid. Instead, the album opener 'Recipe' kicks it with some lovely COC-goes-to-Sweden energy. 'Proud' gets special kudos, with a dirty blues snarl and distorted vox reminiscent of COC, and a 70s southern vibe not unlike, say, Mezzanine or Ironboss. 'Disconnected' features some of that good 'ole California riffing, while 'Chernobilly' is a skewed Allman Brothers-style instro. Best on the album? 'Broken Dams Part II'. It's got a well-developed early 70s feel, dragged through a Swedish keyhole and deposited, dazed and confused, in your CD player.

Got your bong fired up? It'll help you make sense of these seemingly disparate elements. Hainloose may not change the face of music, but they've got a singular musical vision, a little weird around the edges, and they've got the melodic, muscular chops to back it up. A fine album for those long summer evenings.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Recipe
2. Maryland
3. Proud of My Doom
4. Disconnected
5. M.O.H.
6. Cold Water
7. Chernobilly
8. Broken Dams Part I
9. Broken Dams Part II
10. Barricades and Barrels

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Hainloose bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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